How To Remove Black Mold From Wood: Steps To Remove Black Mold From Wood Furniture

The molds on the wooden surface or on any other space can be a costly and very dangerous problem, Especially when infestations of toxic black mold occur. One of the main cause of the black mold is moisture, the moisture build-up can be caused by different activities like hot showers and even cooking can also contribute to the moisture-level in homes which results in mold growth. Leaky roof or leakage of pipes is another main cause of the black mold.

What Are The Steps To Remove Black Mold From Wood Furniture?

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to remove the black mold from wood furniture:
  1. Cleaning Solution: There are a number of options for Cleaning Solution like Regular cleaning detergent, distilled vinegar, bleach and rubbing alcohol. But it is advised not to add the bleach with the product that contains the ammonia.
  2. Protective Gear: Before going for the cleaning process it is best to wear the protective gear like rubber gloves, safety goggles, a respirator, and coveralls, if available.
  3. Scrub: Now with the help of the scrub brush or a low-abrasive brush apply the solution and scrub the area in a circular motion gently until the black color is removed.
  4. Sand: It is very important to remove the fungal roots as well to prevent the regrowth, that's why sanding is an important step. Once the sanding is completed then go for the cleaning solution again.
  5. Let It Dry: Clean the area with the new uncontaminated cloth so that the fungi will not spread again, then dry the item in the nicely ventilated area.
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