How To Remove Battery Acid From Furniture: Wood, Steps

What Are The Steps To Remove Battery Acid From Wood Furniture?

Follow the below-given Steps to remove the battery corrosion from the Wood furniture item:
  1. Firstly make a strong paste using water and baking soda and do not add a large amount of water to this paste that might damage the wood furniture item.
  2. Apply the paste on the corrosion marks of the furniture item and rub it by using a soft cloth. The paste will permanently remove the stain or make its color fade.
  3. If the marks are still there then use rough sandpaper and rub it vigorously over the surface of the wood item and clean the dust by using a soft damp cloth.
  4. At last use a finishing paint on that area of the item where sandpaper has been used and let it dry in open air.
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