How To Remove Asbestos Tile Glue: Procedure To Remove

General Overview

Asbestos is an adhesive type used to attach linoleum or vinyl sheet and asphalt flooring tiles. The Asbestos adhesive strengthens the flooring and makes it more durable compared to other adhesives used to attach flooring. In early times, the asbestos adhesive was used due to its resistance to acids, heat alkalis of oil grease, and moisture. Later, it was found that asbestos adhesive is hazardous for health. Once the user installs the new flooring with asbestos, it is perfectly fine until it weakens due to weathering or water. Due to floor weakening, the asbestos crumbles and its hazardous fibers are released in the air that can cause mesothelioma cancer once inhaled. There are various health and environmental experts who have warned against the usage of asbestos adhesive.

Procedure To Remove Asbestos Tile Glue

In order to remove asbestos tile glue from the flooring, the user needs to follow the below-given procedure;
  1. Prepare Flooring: The basic step in the procedure will be to prepare the floor for the removal process. First, the user needs to turn off all the air-conditioning and heating appliances of the room that can aid the air circulation. All the room opening and vents including doorways should be covered and secured with polythene sheets and duct tape respectively. It has been recommended by the experts to flood the flooring for at least two days with warm water in order to get optimum effects. The step will prevent the asbestos adhesive from releasing unhealthy fibers into the air.
  2. Wear Protective Gears: After that, the user needs to wear protective gears such as eye protection, boots, gloves, and a disposable work suit. Besides that, the user needs to carry scraper, chemical solvent, disposal towels, mop, duct tape, and heavy-duty polythene bags with him for the removal procedure. It is necessary to consult the manufacturer for the usage of chemical solvent over the asbestos adhesive. The abrasive chemical solvent should not be used over the asbestos adhesive as it can throw the hazardous fibers in the air.
  3. Apply Chemical Solvent: The next step is to apply chemical solvent over the asbestos adhesive and let it sit as per label instruction. After that, the user needs to rub the flooring gently with disposal towels in order to remove the wet adhesive. Alternatively, the user can mop the flooring to remove the wet adhesive. All the stubborn spots of asbestos can be removed by gentle scraping the spots. Sanding or Grinding the asbestos adhesive is strictly prohibited by the experts as the actions can release hazardous fibers in the air.
  4. Clean & Dispose of The Asbestos: After that, the user needs to wipe down all the surfaces with a disposal towel dampened in water. It is necessary to rinse the towel and at least change the water twice during the entire process. Then, the user needs to remove all the polythene sheets and put them inside waste bags along with disposal towels and mop heads followed by sealing the bags with duct tape.
  5. Inspect & Dispose of All Wastage: The last step will be to inspect and wipe down the surfaces with a damp disposable towel in order to remove the remaining asbestos fiber deposit. The tools used for the process should be washed thoroughly. It has been recommended to clean the work suit and put it inside a waste bag followed by sealing the bag. It is necessary to take a shower after the completion of the removal process and dispose of all the waste bags as per the local EPA office guidance.
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