How To Remove Acetone From Wood Furniture: Steps

What Are The Steps To Remove The Acetone From The Wood Furniture?

Although Acetone is used to remove the finish of wood for refinishing purpose, if it spills on furniture which goes unnoticed, then acetone will react with the finish which creates the spot.

The Customer Can Easily Repair It By Using The Following Ways

  • Stain Marker: The customer can use the same color stain marker to lighten the spot underneath. Stain markers are available in plenty of colors, the customer can choose the one that matches the stain.
  • Lacquer: Almost all the wood products are finished with lacquer, The customer can Spray the damaged area with a light coat of aerosol lacquer. Wait for few minutes then sand it with steel wool and spray it again.
  • Burnish: After completing the Stain Marker, Lacquer, then use a piece of denim and use it as sandpaper, Then rub the denim over the effective area to heat the surface of the lacquer.
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