How To Remove A Tub Drain With Broken Crosshairs: Proper Procedure Of Removing Tub Drain With Broken Crosshair

Proper Procedure & Tips Of Removing Tub Drain With Broken Crosshairs

A tub drain is usually composed of the three primary components that are stopper, flange, and drain shoe. The stopper is at the top of the drain. The drain flange is actually the visible drain opening and an extension of the pipe that is threaded with the drain shoe and the drain shoe is actually the angled section of the pipe. The proper procedure of removing the tub drain with broken crosshairs is as follows:
  1. The first step is to remove the drain stopper and then properly examine the interior of the drain. There are usually a different number of styles of stoppers and all of them are not removed in the same way, so simply identify the type of stopper in the drain. For instance, the toe-touch as well as the push-pull style stoppers, which are pushed in to close and pulled out to open, are threaded one. For that, the user can remove them by simply pulling up right on the stopper and rotating it in the counterclockwise direction. While the other stoppers, like flip-it and the pop-up styles, are easily pulled out of the tub drain.
  2. Now the user needs to locate the crosshairs that are within the drain flange. The crosshairs are usually made up of the two perpendicular metal rods that are attached to the inside of the drain flange, they will cross each other right at the center. In the drain, lower the slip-joint pliers, keep lowering until its teeth are past the crosshairs, once it is past over the crosshairs then the user needs to twist the drain in the counterclockwise direction to loosen as well as remove it. If in case the drain is stuck, that time hold a screwdriver or any other rigid bar in the horizontal position in between the handles of pliers and then simply turn it for the added leverage.
  3. For the totally broken or the missing crosshairs take a drain key on drains, where the pliers cannot grip the broken one firmly. Simply insert the drain key, and then follow the specific instructions for the tool. Turn it in the counterclockwise direction until the drain flange becomes loose.
  4. Now from the top of the drain shoe remove the gasket and then carefully examine the shoe's interior, with a small flashlight. Clean the thread as well as the interior surface of the drain shoe to clean any of the old plumber's putty. Scrape away the putty with the help of a putty knife or with a soft wire brush. Press it gently and take the time for avoiding the damage to the threads.
  5. Finally make a solution of equal parts vinegar and the water to apply on any loosening buildup within the drain shoe. Remove all the debris with the help of the hand or using a small vacuum and hose extension.

Important Tips

  • In the drain shoe if the thread is damaged then this can make the installing a new drain very difficult process. If the user is simply removing as well as covering the old drain, then this is not a concern, but if replacing the drain and the user is not sure of its abilities, that time consider hiring a plumber for the job.
  • If experiencing any difficulty in breaking up the putty as well as removing the drain, that time apply the heat to the area, with the help of a hairdryer keeping it to its highest settings only for a few minutes to soften the putty.
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