How To Remove A Toilet Seat: Two Easy Ways Of Removing A Toilet Seat

Two Easy Ways Of Removing A Toilet Seat

Usually, the confined area all around the toilet can be a bit difficult for the users to work on it. Most of the toilet seats can be detached easily by detaching their joining bolts and the nuts. The users can also remove the toilet seat by using the drill or the hacksaw. They can easily prevent the rust over the toilet seat by regular cleaning. The users can easily remove a toilet seat at home by following the below-defined ways:

Way I: Removing The Common Seat

  • Gather The Tools And Materials: Start by gathering the tools and materials that the users require while performing this task like pliers or vice grips, screwdriver, and duct or masking tape.
  • Unbind The Bolt Caps: The users need to unbind the caps of the bolt so as to get approach to the toilet seat screws. These screws are placed at the seatback where the hinges of the seat are placed. Most of the toilet does not consist of the plastic bolt covers and if in case the users are having the toilet seat that consists of the plastic bolt cover then they need to unbind those plastic covers by prying them in an upward direction with the screwdriver or with the fingers as well. They are advised to apply the light pressure when they are unbinding the covers of the bolt as by applying force can easily damage them.
  • Use The Pliers: Then they need to find the nut fastened over the strapped bolt end. Most of the nuts are having the shape of the wingnut that allows the users to hold this in one place with the hand. If in case the users are having the weak grip and the nut is not having the shape of the wingnut or in case the nuts are stuck then they are advised to grasp it by using the pliers or the vice grips.
  • Remove The Bolts: Then they need to detach the bolts by using the perfect tools. Most of the time the users need to unfasten the bolt by using the screwdriver. They need to insert their screwdriver within the head of the bolt and then swivel the screwdriver in the counterclockwise direction so as to unfasten the bolt. The users are advised to use the large-sized screwdriver if in case their bolt is made up of the plastic as the small-sized screwdriver can easily deform the bolt head.
  • Remove The Seat: Then they need to detach the seat within the frame of the toilet. They need to gather up the bolts, nuts, and metal hardware as well. Then they need to place all these items in the zipper plastic bag so that they won't get lost.

Way II: Remove The Stubborn Seats

  • Gather The Materials: Start by collecting up the tools and the materials like a drill, hacksaw, penetrating oil, putty knife, socket wrench, propane torch, masking, or duct tape, and vice grips as well to accomplish the task.
  • Lubricate The Corroded Hardware: The users need to lubricate the corroded hardware by using the penetrating oil like the WD40 that is used to restore the rusted metal parts. They need to spray the oil to the metal hardware like the bolts and the nuts so as to lube them so that the users can detach them easily. They need to wait for near about five minutes so that the oil will seep within the confined hardware spaces so as to break off the corrosion. If in case the users are not having the penetrating oil then they need to mix the vegetable oil and the acetone so as to make their own penetrating oil.
  • Use The Tape: Then fasten the toilet seat with the tape. While the users are applying the different hard seat detachment techniques it is liable that they will push down the seat or they push adjacent to it. It will completely depend on the fasteners type affixed to the seat and the situation they might want to tape down the lid and the seat with one another in the bound or in the unbound position.
  • Use The Socket Set: Detach the bolts by using the set of sockets. Most of the time the users can easily fit their wrench within the nuts that are holding up the bolts in one place. While another type of toilet seat requires the deep socket for the users to reach the nut. Then they need to turn down the socket in the counterclockwise direction so as to unfasten the nuts. If in case the users find out that the bots are already free they need to insert the screwdriver within the bold head so as to free off the nut respectively.
  • Use The Hacksaw: Then the users require to use the hacksaw so as to trim within the motionless hardware. They need to take the putty knife and then place it in a way that it will cover up the porcelain surface of the toilet all around the bolt head. Then they need to use the hacksaw to trim down the inactive hardware accordingly.
  • Use The Drill: Wear the safety glasses so as to drill within the resistant bolts. They need to insert the drill bit to the drill and then drill within the bolt by applying the smooth pressure at the point where the bolt and nuts unite. Then detach the nut when it becomes liable.
  • Use The Propane Torch: If in case the users are still unable to loosen the nuts then they need to use the propane torch. They need to keep the torch in the low flame and place the metal pieced in between the porcelain and the torch. Then apply the heat to the stucked bolts then unfasten them by using the vice grips.
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