How To Refinish A Clawfoot Bathtub: Step By Step Procedure & Items Required

Step By Step Procedure & Items Required To Refinish A Clawfoot Bathtub

The Clawfoot bathtub can become the extraordinary fixture to any kind of bathroom. These kinds of bathtubs are very classical styled and are having an attractive appearance. Traditionally these kinds of bathtubs were made up of the acrylic material but nowadays these bathtubs are available in different materials and are also available in different size dimensions and the users can easily select any bathtubs as per their need and choice. The users can easily refinish a clawfoot bathtub at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-defined steps:

Materials Required

  • Sandpaper, Drop Cloths & Palm Sander
  • Screwdriver, Pressure Sprayer & Scouring Pads
  • Protective Gloves, Steel Wool & Paint Bucket
  • Rags, Pipe Wrenches & Plastic Bags
  • Crescent Wrench, Respirator Mask & Plumber's Putty
  • Channel Lock Pliers, Bonding Agent & Hoses
  • Masking Tape, Clear Lacquer & Degreaser
  • Paint Stripper, Primer And Tape


  • Detach The Old Tub: Start by closing both the cold and the hot supplies of the water. The user needs to unfasten and unplug the lines of the water supply and then drain out the line. Then they need to detach the tub and shift it to any garage or the well-ventilated area as these kinds of tubs are extremely heavy weighted so the users need help from another person to accomplish this task.
  • Prepare The Tub: Before going for this step the users need to wear up the mask so as to prevent themselves from breathing in the fumes. Once the users detached the tub to the well-ventilated area then they need to begin the re-glazing and the stripping process. The users need to cover up their working area with the tarp clothes or the plastic drape so as prevent the floor and the furnishing items from getting the paint drips. Then carefully detach the drain, overflow, and the valves as well. If the bathtub has been painted with the latex stripper then they need to detach the entire pre-existing paint and to do so they need to spray the stripper by using the pump sprayer. Then let the paint to start getting the bubbles and then detach the entire loose paint by using the steel wool.
  • Using Acid-Etch Cleaner: The user then need to use the lacquer thinner that detached the strong fumes. The user needs to apply the lacquer thinner to the entire surface of the bathtub and then detach the paint remnants by using the steel wool. Then thoroughly rinse the bathtub with the clean water. The users then need to use the chemical agent that can easily react to the paint so as to form the hard durable finish for the tile and porcelain. Then apply the etch cleaner to the topmost tub corner and then let it run down to the bathtub surface. Use the sandpaper or the scouring pad to scrub down the tub with the etch cleaner and then rinse it down accordingly.
  • Degrease The Tub: The users need to apply the mild moisture to the surface of the tub and fill the tub with the degreaser and by this, the users can easily clean off the dirt and the corrosion within the drain. Then scrub away the residue by using the scouring pad and then rinse it with the water.
  • Use Adheser: The adhesion will cover up the part of the tub that the users don't want to paint like the feet. Apply the light adhesion over those areas and then let it get dried off completely.
  • Apply Primer: Apply the primer to the entire surface of the bathtub by using the spray gun and allow each one of the coat to get dried off completely before applying another coat.
  • Add Finish Coat: The users then need to make a mixture of the white paint and the reducer. Then apply this mixture to the entire surface of the bathtub and allow each coat to get dried off completely.
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