How To Refinish A Chair Without Stripping: Steps To Refinish Wood Furniture Without Stripping & Sanding

Steps To Refinish Furniture/Chair Without Stripping

The best way to refinish the furniture without stripping is mentioned below:
  1. Mineral Spirits: Before going for any kind of repair it is better to wipe the furniture with mineral spirits, the mineral spirit won't harm the furniture.
  2. Clean It Up: Give the furniture a good cleaning to remove any kind of dust, debris, and grime. Simply Mix equal amount of dish soap and water, then dip the sponge into the liquid and wipe the furniture.
  3. Fix White Rings: For any kind of white rings use the petroleum jelly rub the jelly on the spot and leave it for a night, then wipe it with a cloth, if this doesn't work then go for any good quality Ring Remover.
  4. Replace Missing Wood: In case of any chipped veneer, damaged molding, etc simply fix it with the help of wood filler or epoxy putty. Once it is dried then Slightly sand the area and avoid removing the surrounding finish.
  5. Gel Stain: Restore the Color of the furniture with gel stain, take a cloth, loud it with gel stain and then wipe the surface, then wipe it with another cloth.
  6. Wipe-On Finish: At last Renew the Luster of the furniture with the wipe on finish that will also protect the furniture. In order to apply the wipe on finish simply apply some on the clean rag then apply in a circular motion.

How To Refinish Wood Furniture Without Sanding?

The methods to refinish the furniture without sanding are mentioned below:
  1. Bonding Primer: Use the best quality bonding primers as a base coat that will adhere the paint to number of surfaces.
  2. Liquid Sander: It is also known as the deglosser, it is a sort of chemical solution which helps to dull the finish like paint or varnish, so that the new topcoat will actually stick to the surface, simply soak the rag into the liquid and apply on the surface.
  3. Chalk Paint: The chalk paint requires no preparation at all, it sticks to almost all the surfaces.
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