How To Refinish A Chair: Easy Way To Refinish Wood Chairs

Easy Way To Refinish Wood Chairs

Chairs are made up of different types of materials like plastic and metal. If the customers are feeling worried about heavy scratches on the chair, Damaged chair, or with the old look, then they don't need to worry at all. Here is an easy and short way to repair or refinish the old chairs. Just follow the given steps carefully to refinish the wood chair:
  1. Work Area: First of all select the well ventilated area for refinishing the chair. Always remember to protect the floor with the help of plastic drop cloths or newspapers.
  2. Sand: For preparing the chair to refinish select the small grit sandpaper and start sanding the chair. Users can also use the electric sander in order to save time.
  3. Vacuum: Now clean the dust with the help of vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can clean the dust instantly.
  4. Primer: Apply 2-3 thick coats of satin gloss wood primer on chair with the help of paintbrush. The primer will help the chairs to last long.
  5. Paint: Start painting the chair with paint sprayer or with paintbrush. Rollers can also work to paint chair but paint sprayer can work faster than others.
  6. Dry: After painting the chair carefully now it's time to dry the chair. Let the chair dry directly in sunlight or in fan air.
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