How To Recover Sofa Cushions: 4 Easy Steps

4 Easy Steps To Recover Sofa Cushions

If the user can sew a straight line without any problem, then they can recover the sofa cushions in no time without the need for fancy stitchery or zippers. In order to Recover Sofa Cushions, the user needs the Scissors, thread, sewing machine, fabric, a needle, and a measuring tape. The steps to Recover Sofa Cushions are as follows:
  1. Remove: The first step is to remove the existing fabric from the cushion so that the foam cushion is exposed. Then Take the measurements based on the size of the exposed cushions.
  2. Cut The Fabric: Now the next step is to cut the fabric so that the sides of the cushion is created. Here the user needs to add at least 5/8 inch to the top, bottom as well as to the sides for sewing the seam, this will help to join the sides to the bottom and top fabric pieces. Repeat the same process for the top and bottom fabric.
  3. Sew: Working from the center start sewing sides to the top of the fabric, then carefully work all entire the bottom piece of cushion. Here the user needs to remember that the back should be left open so there is large enough opening for the cushion.
  4. Reinsert: Now the last step is to reinsert the cushion in the cover. Carefully take a needle with the good quality coordinating thread and then slip stitch the opening.
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