How To Recover Chair Cushions Without Sewing: Easy Steps To Recover

Easy steps to Recover Chair Cushions without Sewing

The users can easily recover their Chair Cushions without Sewing by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Measure The Exact Size Dimensions Of The Chair: The users need to start by measuring the exact size dimensions of the chair and then note it down on a paper.
  2. Remove All The Screws: Now detach all the screws from the seat of the chair that is beholding the seat cushion and then they need to lay the seat cushion in the middle area of the new fabric by keeping the wrong side upwards of the new fabric.
  3. Staple The New Fabric: The next step is to drag the new fabric to the bottom surface of the cushion and then they need to affix the fabric to the middle area by using the staple gun. Drag the fabric first towards the left side and then towards the right side accordingly. The users then need to use the Staple gun again and then affix the middle area towards the top and towards the bottom side as well.
  4. Bend The New Fabric In A Vertical Way: Under this step bend and fold the edges of the new fabric in a vertical manner like the users are wrapping the gift present and use the Staple gun to staple the fabric towards its top left and then to the right, lower left and then to the lower right accordingly.
  5. Place The New Cushion To The Chair Frame: Now the step is to place a new reupholstered cushion to the chair and then re-use the old Screws in affixing back the cushion to the chair frame.
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