How To Recover An Ottoman With A Staple Gun: Easy Steps

Easy Steps To Recover An Ottoman With A Staple Gun

The tools that are required for recovering an ottoman with a staple gun includes Screwdriver, Fabric scissors, Staples, Measuring tape, staple remover, and a staple gun. The steps are given below to recover an ottoman:
  1. Measure Ottoman: The first step is to determine the height, length, and width of the ottoman cushion and ottoman.
  2. Remove Screws: Next step is to turn the ottoman and remove screws from the ottoman by using a screwdriver. Then place the screws at a safer place.
  3. Remove Fabric: Now the customer needs to remove the fabric from the cushions by using a staple remover for removing the staples.
  4. Cut Foam: Then cut the foam for cushions according to the length and width of cushion.
  5. Double The Height: If the customer uses foam cushioning 2 inches need to be added to the actual figure and then 3 inches need to be added to the figure for determining the actual dimensions of the fabric.
  6. Cut Fabric: Mark a square on the fabric with pencil and place the cushion in the center of the fabric and cut the fabric according to the measurement of the cushion.
  7. Staple The Fabric: Now put the fabric in the workspace area and keep the wrong side upwards. Start to staple fabric with the bottom side of the cushion frame.
  8. Staple Sides: Then start to staple the fabric with all sides of the ottoman. First staple top and bottom side, then staple left and right side. 2 inches space should be allowed at the corners.
  9. Flat And Fold: Make the fabric at corners flat and loose fabric should be folded at an angle of 45 degrees.
  10. Replace Screws: At last, keep the ottoman upside down and replace screws with the help of a screwdriver.
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