How To Recover An Ottoman: 10 Ultimate & Easy Steps To Recover

10 Ultimate & Easy Steps To Recover An Ottoman

Most often the fabric on the ottoman can wear out quickly before the more durable structure of wood or metal. In some of the cases, the padding can also fall out, that will reduce the plush appearance and texture of the ottoman. The simple way with steps to recover an Ottoman is mentioned below:
  1. Measure: Start the process from measuring the height of the ottoman as well as of the ottoman cushion in inches. Measure all the length and width of the ottoman.
  2. Flip: Now the next step is to turn the ottoman from other side. With the help of the screwdriver remove the screws that are holding the cushion on. After removing the screws keep them in a safe place.
  3. Staple Remover: The user needs to use the industrial staple remover that is very helpful to remove all the staples from the cushion's fabric and then remove the fabric.
  4. Cut Foam: In this step cut the foam for cushioning exactly to the length and width of the cushion that was measured.
  5. Double The Height: Here the user needs to double the height of the ottoman cushion. In case of using the foam cushioning, add an additional 2 inches. After that add the final amount to the length, as well as to the width of the cushion. In order to find out the proper dimensions of the fabric add another 3 inches to these figures. Now draw out a square of the appropriate dimensions on the surface of the fabric with the help of the pencil.
  6. Place The Ottoman Cushion: After the dimension is made on the surface then place the cushion in the center of the traced square, but upside-down. At the time when the fabric is pulled to the base of the cushion, there must be an extra 1 1/2 inches. If necessary adjust the fabric measurements and cut fabric.
  7. Fabric Square: After the above step is done then place the fabric square over the work surface, but the wrong side up. On the fabric square center down the cushion as well as any extra padding. Here the user needs to pull the bottom flap of the fabric up and over the cushion. Using the stapler staple it to the bottom center of the cushion's frame. Repeat the process on top, right as well as on left sides.
  8. All Four Sides: Now staple the fabric on to the frame on all 4 sides. The stapling should be evenly spaced about an inch apart. It is advisable to go for top and bottom first, then go for the left and right sides. However, leave two inches free next to each corner's.
  9. Pull Each Corner Upward: In this step the user needs to pull up each corner in the upward direction so that fabric will lay flat against the corner. Fold-down any loose fabric on the side in at a 45-degree angle. Staple each of the pieces of fabric into the right place on the frame.
  10. Ottoman Base: At last place the ottoman base on the top of cushion, but in upside-down way. With the help of screwdriver replace all the screws.
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