How To Reattach Vinyl Shutters: Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide To Reattach Vinyl Shutters

The vinyl shutters are a very typical ornamented item that is used in many modernized homes. Basically the shutter is used to work on the hinges that granted the users to bind the shutters so as to conserve it from the snow and the rain. With advanced technology, modern shutters are strong enough to handle any bad weather conditions. When the shutters are not useful still they appear to be very pleasing. Reattaching the vinyl shutters is an easy task if the users follow the correct techniques and the below-mentioned steps:
  • Clean And Repair The Shutters: Start by cleaning and repairing the vinyl shutters if in case the vinyl shutters were buffeted from the house because of the harsh weather conditions then the users are advised to examine it completely before re-affixing it back to its position. The vinyl shutter that is damaged will no longer remain flexible and then it is the time the users need to buy the new vinyl shutters. If in case the vinyl shutters are not damaged then the users need to clean all the dust and the debris particles from the entire surface of the vinyl shutters by using the dish soap and then scrub it down by using the soft brush. Then the users need to rinse it off by using the garden hose so as to wipe down all the soap residue.
  • Inspect The Holes: Then the users need to examine the holes within the walls were the users will screw down the shutters. If in case the vinyl shutters were splitter from the home then there are chances that the holes will also be deprived. Then they need to screw down the 2-inch deck screw that should be impervious to water within those holes so as to make sure that there will a bite to each hole. If in case the deck screw gets slipped in then they need to fill up the hole by using the wood filler and then they need to use the screwdriver so as to insert the wood filler with that hole and then allow the wood filler to get dried off completely for almost one day.
  • Re-affix The Shutters: Then the users need to find out a person who can assist them while they hold the vinyl shutters in their place while re-affixing them. The one person needs to hold up the vinyl shutters along the screwed holes within the vinyl shutter lined up along the screwed holes within the house. Then the second one needs to use the deck's screws of near about 2-inch so as to fasten the vinyl shutters. The users are advised to either use the screwdriver or the electric drill for re-attaching the vinyl shutters.
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