How To Put A Shelf In A Dresser: Easy Steps To Attach Shelf

Easy Steps To Attach Shelf In A Dresser

If the user have an old dresser that has been used for a long time, then they can attach shelves to the old dressers in order to make them usable again. The steps to attach shelf in a dresser are mentioned below, follow the steps carefully to get the better result:
  • Remove: The first step is to take the drawers out from the dresser. Here the user can leave one or two drawers at the bottom for purpose of hidden storage, or can remove all of the drawers.
  • Screwdriver And Hammer: Before heading to the process its important to remove all drawer supports as well as the tracks from inside the dresser with the Screwdriver. Or, incase of mortise and tenon that are joining on drawer supports, then using a hammer, knock out the inner frame of the dresser. While hitting the hammer on the wood of the frame its very important to be carefull as it can damage the dresser itself.
  • Measure: After the above step is done than the user needs to measure the width and depth of the inside so as to determine the size of the shelves.
  • Cut: Use the best quality MDF or plywood and cut with the help of the jigsaw according to the needed measurements.
  • Molding: Now its time to measure the length of the exterior and then with the circular saw to cut out one piece of molding to that measured length for each the shelf being added. The molding will be used to cover the seams at the place where the shelf and frame meet.
  • Sanding: Now its time to sand down the wood that will be used for the shelves, the sanding will help to make sure that the surface is smooth.
  • L Brackets: At each back of the corner attach the L bracket at the desired height and a little in from each front corner. Incase the dresser is very deep that time attach center brackets along the sides as well under each shelf for the extra support and if the dresser is very wide, that time place brackets along the back of the shelf. For the accurate level its important to check each set of shelf brackets.
  • Set: Now carefully place the shelf onto the brackets. In order to fix the shelf, nail it, from the outside, at the each corner and at the center as well, where the dresser and shelf frame meet each other.
  • Fix Molding: The molding that was cut, its time to attach them on front of the seams at the place where the shelf and frame meet, and fix with finishing nails.
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