How To Prevent Mold On Patio Chair Cushions: Easy Process Of Preventing Mold On Patio Chair Cushions

Step By Step Easy Process Of Preventing Mold On Patio Chair Cushions

Mold is a type of fungus that appears to be fuzzy and it can be found in different shades of white, black, grey, brown, yellow, and green. Mostly it attacks the outdoor furniture products including the underside of umbrellas and patio cushions. Due to the presence of mold, a person can get affected by various health problems such as inflammation of the joints, allergic reactions, migraines, and breathing problems. All-weather materials help in safeguarding your outdoor cushions from mold as well as mildew caused by damp conditions, & in the same way the heartiest fabrics finally succumb to elongated exposure to the elements. Routine care as well as maintenance is critical when it comes to keeping your patio chair cushions and pillows in optimal condition. The items required to clean Mold Off plastic patio furniture products including chair cushions are Non-Ammonia Soap Or Detergent, Water, Bleach, Soft Cloth or Sponge, and Rubber Gloves. In order to prevent mold from appearing on patio chair cushions, go through the below-given steps for the cleaning process:

Washing With Non-Ammonia Soap Or Detergent

The first step of cleaning is to wash out the patio chair covers with dish detergent or soap that is free of Ammonia because Ammonia can react with the bleach that is used afterward. You need to remove any visible mold from the patio chair cushions.

Preparing Bleach & Water Mixture

In the next step, it is important to prepare a mixture of bleach & water containing a ½ cup of bleach and a gallon of water. You can also prepare a stronger mixture by mixing 1 cup of bleach and 1 gallon of water if the mold cannot be cleaned off.

Place It In The Mixture

The next step is to place the patio chair cushions in the above-prepared mixture. Also, it is important to make sure all the mold areas are covered in the mixture.

Leave It Inside For 15 Minutes

The patio chair cushions need to be placed in the mixture for a minimum of 15 minutes and for better result, you can also extend the time duration of placing the chair cushions in the mixture.

Remove, Wash, Dry & Use

After that, take out the patio chair cushions from the mixture and wash it with the help of dish detergent or soap that doesn't contain Ammonia. The last step will be to allow the patio chair cushions to dry completely before putting it to use.
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