How To Prevent Mildew On Outdoor Cushions: Steps

Steps to Prevent Mildew on Outdoor Cushions

Here are some of the ways by which the customers can easily Prevent Mildew on Outdoor Cushions:
  1. Use Of The Bleach: Customers need to make the solution of the bleach and the water in the spray bottle. They then need to spray the mixture all over the surface of the patio cushions and then they have to scrub the cushions by using the soft brush. Once the customers have detached all the mildew from their patio cushions then they need to clean their cushions by using clean water. The customers at last need to let the cushions dry completely in the open air.
  2. Use Of The Lysol: The customer can also make a mixture of the Lysol and the warm water in the bucket. They then need to apply this solution to their patio cushions and then lightly brush the cushions. The customers then need to make another solution of the lemon juice, salt, and the warm water in order to clean the entire residue from the cushions. Once the customers cleaned their cushion they need to let their cushions dry completely before using them.
  3. Use Of Bleach And The Soap: The customers can also make a mixture of the bleach, liquid detergent and the hot water in the spray bottle. They then need to spray the mixture to the patio cushions and allow the mixture to sit there for near about half an hour before cleaning the cushions with the clean water.
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