How To Prevent Footprints On Laminate Floors: Steps To Clean

How to Prevent/Clean Footprints on Laminate Floors?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily clean the Footprints on Laminate Floors:
  1. Clean The Laminate Floor: The customers need to start by removing all the dust, grime and the debris particles from the laminate floors by using the vacuum or by simply using a soft brush.
  2. Make A Vinegar Solution: The Customers then need to make a solution of the vinegar and the water in the spray bottle. The customers then need to spray the vinegar solution on a microfiber cloth and then rub the cloth all over the footprints on the laminate floor. The customers then need to clean the laminate floor by using the soft damp mop and then they need to use the soft cloth in order to wipe away all the excess moisture from the laminate floor. They then need to allow the laminate floor to dry completely before walking over it.
  3. Use The Rubbing Alcohol: The customers can also remove the hard stains on the laminate floor by applying the rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and then rubbing the cloth all over the stained area however most often the customers can simply use the nail polish remover to detach the hard stains from the laminate floor.
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