How To Prevent Bubbles In Polyurethane: Proper Procedure To Get Rid Of Bubbles In Polyurethane

Proper Procedure To Get Rid Of Bubbles In Polyurethane Finish

Painters as well as furniture finishers usually avoid applying polyurethane using a roller, due to the reason that it has a tendency to form bubbles. In spite of using a high-quality pasintbrush, they can still form bubbles, therefore, it is very important to catch the bubbles while they're fresh, otherwise, they will become part of the finish. It is very easy to avoid making the bubbles first & foremost, it just takes a firm & smooth touch at the time of stirring the polyurethane and dipping your brush in it. You can easily get rid of the bubbles from polyurethane fresh as well as hardened finish, which are mentioned below:

Remove Bubbles In Fresh Finish

The two main principles you must keep in mind while trying to get rid of the bubbles from polyurethane finish are: Firstly, you shouldn't shake the can before you apply the polyurethane and secondly, prevent wiping the brush along the side of the can. This is due to the fact that both these principles will introduce bubbles into the mixture in the can, and it is, in all likelihood, that you will transfer some of these to the surface that you are finishing. Regardless of the fact that you have bubbles in the can or not, though, bubbles in the finish are almost certain to happen, the rubbing of the brush against the surface creates them. As soon as you notice them, do the two below mentioned steps carefully:
  • Dab the bubbles firmly & gently with the help of a tip of the brush.
  • After that, run the brush very delicately & smoothly along the surface in order to flatten the bubbles into the finish.

Remove Bubbles In Hardened Finish

If you did'nt notice the bubbles in the polyurethane & missed them when the finish was fresh, then it is highly possible that you may detect & discover the finish marked with spots or smears of colour including tiny craters or hardened bubbles. This will happen to the floor finishers who drag the finish applicator belligerently and then must stay off the floor as long as the finish dries. The only means of counteracting or eliminating the bubbles from hardened finish is to sand out the bubbles before applying another coat of finish, more carefully this time.

Sanding Out Bubbles

  • First of all, scuff-sand the bubbles with the help of 120-grit or finer sandpaper, which is entirely dependent on what you are finishing. You can also use coarser paper in order to scuff a floor than you would use for a tabletop. If the bubbling is extensive, then it is better to sand with the help of a palm sander or, if you are finishing a floor, a floor buffer as well as a sanding screen.
  • The next step is to wipe away or get rid of the sanding dust with the help of a damp cloth.
  • Finally, you need to apply a fresh coat of finish, making sure to move the applicator slowly in order to prevent turbulence and keep bubbles from happening again.
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