How To Place A Sectional In A Small Living Room: 4 Easy Steps

General Overview

The sectional sofa is the ideal furniture piece to be placed in the living room area as that it always remains in fashion. The sectional sofa can be used in many ways in order to add space to the room as it can be turned into extra bed and some sectional sofas can get divided into sections that can be used as the dining room chairs. Nowadays the sectional sofa has gained a lot of popularity among the users because of the following two reasons:
  1. Versatility: The sectional sofas can be used as per the room shape as most of the sectional sofa can easily get separated into two pieces that can be used in any place.
  2. Aesthetics: The sectional sofas add more charm and glam to the living room areas as it is available in different size dimensions, color finishes, and texture as well.

4 Easy Steps To Place A Sectional In A Small Living Room

The users can easily place a sectional in a small living room by following the below-mentioned steps:
  1. Prepare The Surface: In order to avoid the positioning of the sectional for more than one time, the users are advised to calculate the size dimensions of the room and the sectional sofa before placing the sofa in any place. The users need to craft the room plan that includes the doorways width, fireplace location, and the floor clearance as well that can cause a problem in positioning the sectional sofa.
  2. Calculate The Measurements: The users then need to calculate the size dimensions from the arms of the sectional sofa to the back of the sofa by using the measuring tape accordingly. If in case the sectional sofa consists of the pull out bed then the users need to calculate the bed thickness and its length as well.
  3. Corner Placement: The corner position provides the users with most of the floor space because the users don't need to grant the room walkway behind the sofa so that is why it becomes the ideal placement for the sectional sofa in the smaller areas. In order to choose the ideal room corner start by considering the focal point of the room like TV or the Picture window so as to provide enough space for the pullout bed. The users can also place the flower vase at the back of the sectional corner so as to offer a more decorative and appealing look.
  4. Considerations: The users can consider some more options like placing the sectional sofa in front of the fireplace or in front of the wall affixed TV. The users can also place a small ottoman in front of the sectional sofa so as to add more space respectively.
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