How To Pick The Perfect Nightstand For Your Master Bedroom: Factors To Consider When Choosing Nightstand For Bedroom

The ultimate haven for rest and sleep is a master bedroom. It's simple to concentrate on the bed when it comes to outfitting this room. It embodies comfort and rest to the fullest. But there is one essential item that may unify the room: The Nightstand. A nightstand, or two, serves a practical and aesthetic purpose. Many bedrooms use it as a catch-all to keep things like glasses, a book, moisturizer, and phone chargers handy for when it's time to go to bed. Your must-have knickknacks have a place to reside, preventing clutter in your sanctuary. A nightstand can be found in a wide range of materials, sizes, and patterns, so it can also express your personal style. What criteria do you use to choose a nightstand for your bedroom? To assist you in finding the ideal nightstand, we have gathered some advice.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Nightstand Table For Master Bedroom

A bedroom must-have, bedside tables or nightstand offer practical bedside storage for phones, books, and other personal belongings. Bedside tables, whether placed in the center of the room with two tables on either side or up against a wall with a single table, not only add to the beauty of your bedroom but also assist to frame your bed within the space. Discover the components and designs to take into account when picking a nightstand design by reading our guide.


Making sure you know the right size table to place next to your bed is the first step in picking a nightstand table design. Make sure the table surface is wide enough to hold the objects you intend to put on top of the table and roughly the same height as your mattress.
  • Height: Measure the height of your mattress to prepare for the purchase of a nightstand table. If you choose a nightstand table that is too short or too tall, it will look out of proportion next to the bed and make retrieving objects off of the table more challenging. The typical mattress is 64 cm, so a nightstand should be 58 to 71 cm long. A 58cm small/low type is suitable for you if your mattress or bed frame is low. Have a mattress or bed frame that is higher? To match the height of your bed, get a tall nightstand that measures 30".
  • Width: Your nightstand table's breadth should be determined by the amount of surface area you want and your own preferences. decorating a compact or simple bedroom? Save space by using a table that is under 54 cm wide. A regular (54 cm – 74 cm) or wide width (above 74 cm) bedside table is suitable for you if you intend to place personal objects or décor on it. A sleek, minimally designed small table works well in a modern or glam setting, while a wider or standard bedside table complements a cozier traditional or rustic theme.


It's important to choose a bedside table design that fits your space and your storage demands after determining the proper size. Take into account additional elements that will improve your setup (such as built-in outlets or felt-lined drawers).


  • Wood: The most common material for nightstand tables is wood, and for good reason. There are so many different tones available, and each one enhances the color and texture of your space. Additionally, wood complements every aesthetic, so you're guaranteed to find a design that works in your room. A conventional bedroom benefits from a mid-toned oak or rich mahogany, whereas a modern or rustic environment might benefit from blonde wood or teak. Distressed finishes are another way to impart a retro vibe.
  • Metal: Modern or industrial design styles are perfect for metal nightstand table sets. These nightstands typically have cleaner lines, sharper angles, and lighter color options. Keep your metal bedside tables homogenous for a sleek, contemporary style, or mix and match them with different colored handles for an eclectic or glam vibe.


Learn about every storage option your nightstand table offers. These features are made to provide you with the practicality and storage space your bedroom requires. These storage options, which range from open shelving to soft-close drawers, give your bedside table a distinctive look.
  • Drawers: You can store all of your bedtime necessities in nightstand tables with drawers while also keeping the top of the table clean.
  • Number Of Drawers: The number of drawers and the items you plan to put in them are two of the most crucial factors to take into account when picking a nightstand table design. Usually, there are one to three options. While larger goods like books or pyjamas are ideal for deeper drawers below, little items like chargers, reading glasses, and medications fit neatly into a shallow top drawer.
  • Self/Soft-Close Drawers: A nightstand table's soft-close feature uses a mechanism to gently close the door so that your drawers or doors won't close abruptly or violently. Using a spring-based technology, the self-close mechanism softly draws the drawer shut. These characteristics preserve your bedside table in good condition and stop undesired loud noises.
  • Felt-Lined Drawers: Your personal stuff won't accumulate dust at the bottom of your drawers thanks to felt-lined drawers. This lining can help protect the wood or metal bedside drawers from scratches and marks caused by metal or sharp objects like jewelry or watches.
  • Shelving: You have more room on nightstand tables with open storage to add accessories or store your necessities. This kind of bedside table storage has one or more shelves and is adaptable and simple to style. The open shelves are the ideal place to display a stack of books or to store any little objects in a colorful basket.


Your nightstand table's design is just as important as its size and storage. We have what you need, whether you're seeking for a design that perfectly complements your room or want to combine a few styles to enhance your transitional aesthetic. For some styling pointers to get you motivated, continue reading.
  • Traditional: A traditional nightstand table is a simple way to enhance the transitional design of your room. Transitional fashion combines the best elements of both traditional and modern fashion to produce a distinctive look. We adore the how the classic nightstand above contrasts with the more contemporary headboard and strikingly patterned bedding. To complement the brass tones on the headboard and drawer knobs, place a gold table light on top of the nightstand. To give your bedside table a curated feel, add a delicate framed print and a few stylish books.
  • Modern: Choose a nightstand table for modern bedrooms that complements the space's sleek shapes and sharp lines. This nightstand has a modern aesthetic thanks to its straightforward design and sparse hardware, and the natural wood finish provides the bedroom an organic touch. The drawers have ample room to accommodate any bedside necessities while preventing the tabletop from becoming overly crowded. For a classy finish, juxtapose the bedside table with a soft globe-shaped chandelier and a vase packed with leafy branches.
  • Glam: Choose a glamorous nightstand to add style to your otherwise neutral bedroom. Pick a bedside table with decorative accents to complete the opulent impression. This bedside table's herringbone pattern and modern brass accents are the ideal complement to the upholstered headboard and soft armchair. If you want to add the proper amount of illumination without drawing attention away from the table, choose a straightforward table lamp or install a wall light.
  • Rustic: A rustic table adds a touch of the outdoors to the bedroom. To truly perfect that rustic look, choose a nightstand table style with a weathered wood finish or aged metal hardware. The bedside table above has a rich wood treatment that brings out the natural wood grain and blends well with the warm earth tones that unify the room. To make your bedroom feel as snug as possible, add some modest bedside table accessories and a tufted rug.
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