How To Paint Vinyl Shutters: Proper Procedure Of Painting Vinyl Shutters

Proper Procedure Of Painting The Vinyl Shutters

When painting the vinyl shutters, use the high-quality exterior acrylic latex paint or the paint that is made specifically for vinyl. Avoid painting the vinyl shutters a darker color since this will allow the surface to absorb more heat which in turn may cause them to warp. The proper procedure for painting the Vinyl Shutters is as follows:

Preparing Vinyl Shutters

  • Before starting the paint job for vinyl shutters, they need to be cleaned and primed properly for the paint. The easiest and best way to clean is with any of the household bleach or degreaser.
  • The lacquer thinner is the best option to remove the old paint as well as the stubborn stains from vinyl. Apply the thinner on to a rag or on a paper towel then scrub the affected spot. The user can also use the soft bristle brush to scrub the stains without damaging the finish of the shutter.
  • If the user is keeping the same or the similar color as the original vinyl, then most of the latex exterior paints can be brushed or sprayed onto the shutters directly. For the lighter shade of color or for a color which contrasts with the original color, then prime with a light grey or with white before applying the final color.

Paint Vinyl Shutters

  • The Vinyl shutters can be painted in the same way as wood shutters. Painting the vinyl shutters with the help of a wide and flat brush is easy, as long as they are applied in thinner coats.
  • Allow each coat of the paint to dry completely before adding another coat. It is highly advisable not to try to cover up the entire shutter with just one coat of paint.
  • For the wide and flat surfaces the paint rollers are great but they may not work as well on shutters. The user will still need to use a flat brush for painting between shutter slats once using a roller. For the spray paint use it in the same way as brushed paint and work in thin, even layers, let the first coat dry before applying another coat.

Best Paints For Vinyl Shutters

  • The latex paints work best on the vinyl shutters. The oil paints will not bond well to the shutter’s surface and will easily peel or crack once the plastic shrinks or expand with the change in seasons.
  • The spray paints are another great choice for vinyl shutters. The generic enamel spray paints will also have the same problems as the oil paints on vinyl.
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