How To Paint Railings: Step By Step Process Of Painting The Railings

Step By Step Process Of Painting The Railings

In order to restore railings to the new condition, there is a need to prepare the surface and then coat it with the primer and then paint. This will need a good amount of time for preparation. The easy step by step process of painting the railings is as follows:
  • Wear Protective Gears: Before starting the process it is important to wear long pants as well as a long-sleeved shirt. Also, put on the safety goggles as well as a dust mask all this is important because the metal flakes will be scattered out while working with the metal.
  • Prepare A Solution: In this step to prepare a solution by mixing a half vinegar with the half water in a bucket. The user can also use a diluted, mild detergent. After the solution is prepared then scrub all of the railings thoroughly with the cleaning solution. This will help to remove the dirt and the remaining rust as well. After the scrubbing is done then rinse down the railing and leave it to dry before continuing the process.
  • Remove Loose Rust Flakes: In order to remove all the loose rust flakes from all over the surfaces of the railings, use a wire brush to slough off the rust. Most of the rusty railings will have a layer of flaky rust which is covering their surface. The wire brush is the best option to remove as much of the rust as possible. If there is a large or intricate railing, or in case there is a lot of rust on the surface, that time purchase a wire brush attachment for a drill. Simply attach the brush onto the drill and then move along the entire surface of the railing. It will help to make the job much easier.
  • Sanding: Once the above job is done then it is time for sanding the surface with the help of medium-grit sandpaper. The medium grit sandpaper is between 80 and 120 grit. This is the scuff-sanding and it must take the gloss off the surface and will allow the primer as well as the paint to bond more strongly. For the rough spots sand with coarse sandpaper, ranging from 40 to 60 grit. After the sanding is done then rub the entire surface of the railing using a tack cloth to remove all the dust from sanding.
  • Apply The First Coat Of Primer: Immediately after the sanding and wiping the rail is done, then apply the first coat of rust-inhibiting primer. First, apply the coat of primer on the surface than for the crevices use the brush before it dries.
  • Leave The Primer To Dry: Leave the first coat to dry completely then apply the second coat. Once again, using a brush for all the crevices of the metal railing.
  • Apply A Layer Of Topcoat: After the primer is fully dry then use a spray can, roller, or simply a brush to apply the first coat of the paint. Brush the coat with the help of a paintbrush to remove any of the drips and to get into the crevices. Most of the people prefer to use a semi-gloss or even high-gloss paint for the topcoat. These finishes will help to add a shine to the railings and will also make them very easier to clean. Leave the first coat to dry then apply the second coat if needed.
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