How To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps: Best Way To Paint

Best Way To Paint Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps

Vinyl Straps is used as a part in some of the patio furniture like the chairs. Painting the vinyl straps is not an easy task because the paint will not adhere to it easily. Besides all, those vinyl strips are very flexible due to which ordinary paint cannot be used because that will crack with the span of time. There is a special type of paint made for the vinyl straps that will give it a long-lasting finish, the steps to apply the paint to the Patio Furniture With Vinyl Straps are mentioned below:
  1. Wash: The first step is to wash all the vinyl straps with the dish soap to remove any dust or dirt. After that rinse the rags with the wet rag and dry with the help of the towels.
  2. Painter's Tape: It is very important to protect the area where the paint is not needed with the painter's tape or masking tape and cover the beneath area with the cloth or newspaper for any drips.
  3. Primer: Use the paint that is specially made for the vinyl, if in case it requires the primer coat, then primer the straps with the acrylic latex primer while spraying the primer keep at least 8 inches gap between the straps
    and spray nozzle, allow drying.
  4. Paint: Now apply the best quality flexible vinyl spray paint to the vinyl strapping, simply strap the paint in the same way as did it for the primer.
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