How To Paint Over Polyurethane Without Sanding: Steps To Paint

Steps To Paint Over Polyurethane Without Sanding

Almost all types of Wood furniture comes with polyurethane varnish or lacquer, that makes difficult to make any finish change in the furniture, but with careful preparations, the user can paint furniture that has the Polyurethane finish. It simply needs patient and some oil-based paint products that will adhere to the polyurethane finishes on wood as well as on commercial wood furniture. The steps to Paint Over Polyurethane Without Sanding are as follows:
  1. Cleaning: Begin the process with cleaning the dirt, grease, and grime from the surface of the wood, and scrubbing away any tough stains from the surface. For that carefully dampen the cotton rag with the trisodium phosphate solution and then wipe the area, let the area air dry completely before heading to the next step.
  2. Deglosser: Then use the best quality deglosser, apply it according to the manufacturer instruction because the different Deglosser have different usage method, this will help to remove the old finish without the sanding process. After that wipe the Deglosser with the damp cloth and allow it to dry.
  3. Primer: The next step is to apply the thin coat of the primer in the even strokes and then allow to dry after that apply the second coat.
  4. Enamel Paint: Now apply the coat of the enamel paint in an even manner using the long and even strokes on all the areas, and allow the first coat to dry before going for the second coat.
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