How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets With Spray Gun: Steps To Stain

How to Stain/Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Spray Gun?

Here are some of the steps by which the customers can easily stain Kitchen Cabinets with Spray Gun:
  1. Gather All The Tools And Materials: The customers need to collect all the tools and the materials that they require while painting the kitchen cabinets like Paint sprayer, drill, screwdriver, Painter's tape, drop cloth, Trisodium phosphate (TSP), wood putty, plastic sheet, primer, enamel paint and paintbrush.
  2. Remove The Dust: The customers need to start by removing all the dirt, dust, grime and the debris particles from the areas of the kitchen cabinets by using the dry brush.
  3. Remove The Metal Hardware: The customers then need to remove all the metal hardware like hinges, knobs and then detach the doors and place them securely for further use in future. They then need to cover the floor and other furniture in the kitchen area by using the drop cloth.
  4. Use The Sandpaper: The customers then need to use sandpaper and rub it smoothly over the surface of the cabinets. The customers then need to clean the cabinet areas by making a mixture of the Trisodium phosphate and the water. They then need to allow the cabinets to dry completely.
  5. Use The Wood Putty: Once the cabinets are dried completely the customers then need to examine the cabinets and if they find some holes then they need to fill those holes by using the wood putty. The customers then need to allow the wood putty to dry and after that, the customers need to lightly sand the wood putty for a smooth texture. They then need to clean all the dust from the cabinet surfaces with a damp cloth.
  6. Apply The Primer: The customers then need to apply a coat of the primer to the inner and the outer areas of the cabinets including the cabinet doors. The customers then need to let the primer dry completely before applying the paint.
  7. Apply The Paint: Once the primer is dried completely the customers need to apply the paint to the cabinet areas and the doors as well by using the spray gun. The customers then need to allow the paint to dry for near about 4 hours before applying another coat of the paint.
  8. Reattach The Doors: The customers finally need to reattach all the doors to the cabinets by using the saved hinges and the knobs.
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