How To Paint Faux Bamboo Furniture: 5 Easy Steps Of Painting Faux Bamboo Furniture

5 Easy Steps Of Painting A Faux Bamboo Furniture

The bamboo is known as the natural choice when decoring tropical rooms or any spaces, but the bamboo furnishings can be costly and is difficult to find. Transform furniture, and trim in the space by painting faux bamboo. The chairs with the spindle backs, spindles of the staircase, legs on tables as well as the chairs, can be painted to look like faux bamboo furniture. The 5 easy steps for painting the faux bamboo furniture are as follows:
  1. Paint Spindle Surface: The first step is to start the painting process around the spindle surface, with the help of tan acrylic paint. Leave the paint to dry completely and then add the additional coats if required for the complete coverage.
  2. Paint Thin Rings: In the next step, the user needs to paint all the thin rings that are around the spindle approximately 5 inches apart, with the help of acrylic paint of your choice like brown with an artist's paintbrush. The rings are actually emulating all the joints of bamboo furniture. The distance that is between the rings does not necessarily need to be exact and the rings must be wiggly as well as uneven as this will help to give the bamboo furniture painting a natural appearance.
  3. Mix Brown & Tan Acrylic Paint: Now in a disposable paper bowl mix equal amount of brown and tan acrylic paint. After that dip a paintbrush into the paint. On a wadded-up paper towel scrub off most of the paint then sweep the brush in the downward direction all over the spindle's length starting from one joint ring to the other. The purpose of this dry-brush technique is to produce light lines on the spindle, this will help to create a natural bamboo-like grain on the surface of the faux bamboo furniture.
  4. Take Toothbrush & Dip Bristles: Take an old toothbrush and then dip the bristles into the mixed brown and tan paint. Turn the toothbrush in a way so that the bristles will point to the down. Hold down the brush over the painted spindle. Pull the thumbnail over the bristles of the brush from the front to the back. Once the bristles will pop back up, the paint will start spattering all over the spindle. Continue this process until the entire spindle surface has been spattered. Leave the paint to dry completely.
  5. Apply Polyurethane Sealer: Finally, apply a clear polyurethane sealer to all over the painted faux bamboo furniture. This finally will not only help to seal the paint but will also give the bamboo furniture a natural shine.
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