How To Paint And Glaze Wood Furniture: 6 Easy Steps

Steps To Paint And Glaze Wood Furniture

  1. Clean: First of all clean the furniture with a rag that is soaked in a solution of mild dish detergent and warm water. But before applying the rag wring it so that the excess water is removed.
  2. Ammonia: If in any case, the furniture has the varnish then prepare a solution of the equal part of ammonia to equal part of water and apply with the help of the sponge, then rinse all the ammonia with the cotton rag dipped in clean water.
  3. Primer: Now apply the even coating of the oil-based spray primer, before using the primer shake the can well. In order to avoid blotchiness Use long continuous strokes. Allow drying before going for the second coat.
  4. Glaze: Now mix the cups of the latex faux finishing glaze with 1 ounce of best quality acrylic paint in a large plastic bowl and then stir well.
  5. Apply: Then apply the thick coat of the glaze with the help of 2-inch paintbrush, but give more attention to the cracks, crevices or other woodworking details, it is best to work with one section at a time. Now wipe the glaze with a rag that is dipped in the clean water.
  6. Dry: Allow the glaze to dry at least for 24 hours before going for the protective water-based polyurethane topcoat.
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