How To Paint A Primed Steel Door: 6 Easy Steps & Tips For Painting Primed Steel Door

6 Easy Steps And Tips For Painting A Primed Steel Door

Nowadays most of the new steel doors come with pre-primed, which means a coat of primer is applied at the factory and the door is already ready to paint. However, few preparatory steps are necessary before painting the door, the steps are mentioned below:
  1. Clean The Surface: Even though the steel door surface is primed, still it may have become dirty or oily during shipment or the installation. For cleaning the door, make a solution by mixing a small amount of soap with the water to wipe down the surface. It is important to make sure that the door is completely dry before heading to paint process.
  2. Protect The Floor: The next step is to protect the floor as well as the other surfaces near the door. Cover the floor under the door using a drop cloth or the old newspapers as this will help to protect the floor from drips or spills.
  3. Stir The Paint: It is important to use a good-quality, latex paint that is designed for exterior use, and then stir it thoroughly with the help of a stir stick, make sure that the paint is completely mixed well with no lumps.
  4. Apply The Paint: Use the best quality brush to apply the paint to the steel door, apply the paint in the long and even strokes. The best option is to apply the paint right from the top of the steel door and then down to the bottom, so this way any drips are painted over while working.
  5. Smaller Rectangular Areas: If the steel door has the smaller rectangular areas which simulate panels, then paint those areas first. After that paint all the remaining horizontal areas of the door, and at last the vertical areas. Look for any drips in the corners of the panels and brush them away.
  6. Leave The Door To Dry: Let the door surface to dry completely for several hours before closing or using the door.

Important Tips

  • Paint the door with a second coat for more durability, this is because the steel doors get a lot of use and wear. And let the door dry for at least 4 to 6 hours before recoating.
  • If the steel door that is getting painted is in direct sunlight, then it is advisable to paint early in the morning before the steel door has heated up. Steel doors become hot in sunlight which in turn will compromise the quality of the paint bond.
  • Using the cheap paint or paint which has been thinned will result in protecting the surface poorly, so use the best quality prime.
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