How To Paint A Pillowcase: Step By Step Process & Items Needed To Paint A Pillowcase

Step By Step Process & Items Required For Painting A Pillowcase

Pillowcase is a type of a removable cloth cover for a pillow, that will be very helpful in safeguarding your pillows from any kind of stain as well as prevents it from getting dirty quickly. As you know that pillows play a crucial role when it comes to having a comfortable sleep during night, so your pillows should be free from all the types of damages as well as stains & pillowcase helps you achieve these things. Painting is one of the easy processes that will make your pillowcase look attractive. If you want to make your pillowcase look awesome, then you should paint it with the color that best suits with the bedroom surroundings. Before starting the painting process, you need to gather certain items required for the process & then go through the below-mentioned simple steps carefully & achieve the desired result of your work:

Items Needed

  • Bed Pillowcase
  • Waxed Paper
  • Card Board Or Shirt Painting Board
  • Iron
  • White Pillowcase

Step By Step Process

  1. Wash & Iron Your Pillowcase: First of all, you need to wash your pillowcase & then after finishing washing it, start ironing the pillowcase. Washing as well as ironing your pillowcase is a good option before starting to paint it.
  2. Place Pillowcase On Shirt Painting Board: Now, lay down the end of the pillowcase, that you first want to paint, on the shirt painting board. Keep a piece of waxed paper betwixt the pillowcase and the board, due to the reason that this will prevent soaked paint from making pillowcase dirty & untidy on the board.
  3. Paint Zebra Strips: Next, start painting the zebra stripes of the pillowcase. Make sure to do it arbitrary through the opening of the pillowcase & paint one side at a time, permitting it to dry, and then re-coat them and free up the lines from dirt. Keep adding more strips through the opening. Return back over the stripes in order to clean them up.
  4. Turn Over And Repeat: As soon as the first side of the pillowcase dries completely, turn over the shirt painting board on the other side & again place a waxed paper betwixt the pillowcase & the board & then repeat the same process that you performed on the first side.
  5. Dry And Iron: Paint will take near about 24 hours in order to dry completely. As soon as the paint dries, make sure to heat set the paint. Take off the pillowcase from the board as well as the waxed paper. Now, it is time to iron the painted pillowcase & for ironing process keep the iron at a high heat setting for cotton. Remember not to place the iron instantly on top of the painted area without fabric in betwixt the painted area and the iron. Keep moving the iron on every side for nearly 15 seconds in order to make sure to prevent the pillowcase from burning.
  6. Cool And Insert Pillow: Finally, it is time to make your pillowcase cool & then insert the pillow in your pillowcase & now you are ready to use your pillow covered in a painted pillowcase.
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