How To Paint A Metal Interior Door: Step By Step Procedure Of Painting A Metal Interior Door

Step By Step Procedure Of Painting A Metal Interior Door

Metal doors are considered the best options when it comes to security as well as weather resistance features of doors. They offer exceptional benefits but in order to maintain & keep the surfaces of the metal door look attractive & rust-free, you have to paint them more often than not. You can make your worn or scratched metal door look bright with a fresh coat of paint. Metal doors are exceptional due to the reason that it keeps wind & weather out from your homes. The best thing about these doors is that they are long-lasting as they can last for many years but the paint will not last long, so it needs to be repainted frequently. In order to paint a metal interior door, gather the tools & materials needed for the procedure first & then go through the step by step procedure carefully:

Tools & Materials Needed

  • Screwdriver, Hammer & Sawhorses
  • Degreasing Cleaner, Sponge & Fine-Grit Sandpaper
  • Dust Mask, Safety Goggles & Painter’s Tape
  • Exterior Primer & Satin(Semigloss) Exterior Paint
  • Trimsize Paint Roller & Shortnap Roller Cover
  • Paint Tray & Small Paintbrush(Sponge Applicator)

Step By Step Procedure

  1. Remove The Door, If Possible: Before you start to work on the project, you must be aware of the paint drying time as well as the environmental factors. If in case you are not able to fix your home without the door, then you can paint it in place, which may take even longer time duration. But if it is possible to detach the door without compromising your home security, position a screwdriver below the head of the hinge pin and smoothly tap it with the help of a hammer until you can pull it out. Repeat the same process with the other hinges, and then detach the door.
  2. Remove Hardware: Now, start preparing the door for the painting process & as soon as you detached the door, place it across two sawhorses or on a flat surface. Then eliminate any removable weatherstripping, and use painter’s tape over the areas that you don't want to paint. Safeguard the kickplates or windows that can’t be detached by taping newspaper over them.
  3. Clean The Door Thoroughly With A Degreaser: Next, with the help of a degreaser cleaner, clean the entire door rigorously but make sure to go through the manufacturer's instructions while cleaning the door. After that, allow the door to dry & use a towel in order to make it dry completely.
  4. Lightly Sand The Door: Now, it is time for the sanding process & before starting the process, wear the dust mask & safety glasses & then sand the door smoothly with the help of fine-grit sandpaper or a sanding block. Sanding helps to make the surface of the door smooth & eliminate any loose paint.
  5. Remove All Sanding Dust And Lingering Debris: It is possible that there will be dust particles present on the door after the sanding process is done, which needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Cleanse the entire door in order to get rid of all the dust that occurred from the sanding process & then make the door air dry completely.
  6. Apply Primer: After making the surface smooth, now apply a coat of primer with the help of a short-nap roller & then allow the primer to dry. If your door has sunken panels, prime the inside panels first, with the help of a small brush, then roll primer onto upright section between the panels, and finally onto the horizontal pieces between the panels and outside edges. Give the primer some time to dry according to the manufacturer’s directions, before applying a second coat, if needed.
  7. Add Two Coats Of Paint: Paint the door with two coats of exterior satin or semi-gloss paint, exactly the same way you did for the primer and make sure to leave the specified quantity of drying time between coats.
  8. Remove Tape, Replace Hardware, And Rehang Door: As soon as the paint gets dry completely, delicately detach the painter’s tape and replace any hardware or weatherstripping you eliminated. Finally, rehang the door back.
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