How To Paint A Metal Door Without Brush Marks: Step By Step Guide

Step By Step Guide Of Painting A Metal Door Without Brush Marks

In order to paint a metal door without any brush marks the proper preparation, right tools, and the materials are needed to get the silky-smooth as well as long-lasting finish. The below-mentioned step by step guide will help to paint the metal door easily:
  1. Loosen The Hinge Pins: The first step is to lose all the pins of the hinge which holds the door in place. Open the door as wide as possible to expose the hinges. Press a nail that is on the base of the hinge pin, which is on the point exactly where the door pivots open as well as closes. With the help of a hammer hit the nail until the hinge pin gets loose and the top side is pushed away from the panels of the hinge. Repeat the same process with the other hinges. Gently pull the door out of the frame.
  2. Degreasing Cleaner: For the smooth and the clean surface to the paint, wipe down the door thoroughly with the help of a degreasing cleaner and a rag as this will give the paint a smooth base to attach. Remove any dirt, grease as well as the grime from the surface of the door that could make the paint job dirty.
  3. Remove All The Hardware: Use the appropriate screwdriver to remove all the hardware from the door that is not going to be painted. This includes the doorknob, strike plate, or the door knocker.
  4. Tape Off Any Areas: Using a painter’s tape, slowly work around the area that is not going to be painted of the door and cover each edge. Trimming the door with the tape can be difficult around the long or uneven edges, but in the long run, it will make the painting job much easier.
  5. Fix Any Dents: In this step fix any dents on the metal door’s surface. Sand the dented area with the 80-grit sandpaper before covering the dent with a patching compound or any auto body filler. After applying the compound let it to dry and then sand it with the help of 150-grit sandpaper and make the area flush with the rest of the door.
  6. Sand The Entire Door: With the help of 400-grit sandpaper sand down the entire door as this will help primer as well as paint to adhere to the surface of the door strongly. Sand it down lightly first with the help of a fine-grit sandpaper-like 400. After the sanding is done it will create a lot of dust that needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.
  7. Prime The Door: Use an oil-based primer to prime the metal door. It is advisable to prime the door with a primer that is designed for metal as this will help to keep the paint looking better for a longer period of time. Use a small paint roller to primer the door with 2 coats of primer, let the first coat dry before applying the next one.
  8. Apply One Coat Of Paint: With the help of a roller apply the first coat of the paint. Make sure to use paints such as an exterior satin or semi-gloss paint. Before painting the whole door use a high-quality brush to paint any grooves or panels on the door, then paint the rest with the help of a small roller. This will paint the door without the brush stroke marks when it is finished. It is highly advisable to use the sprayer or foam rollers for uniform texture.
  9. Other Side: If the user wants to paint both sides of the door then once the first side dries after that apply the paint on another side.
  10. Dry: Let the door to dry completely in between the coats and before installing back to the place.
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