How To Paint A Kitchen Table And Chairs: Steps To Paint A Kitchen Table And Chairs Without Sanding

How To Paint A Kitchen Table And Chairs?

The steps to paint a kitchen table and chairs are given below:
  1. Collection Of Materials:
    Before beginning the painting process, the user needs to collect all the required material together such as Paint, Paint Brush, Paint Roller, Tarp, Course Grit Sandpaper, Painters Tape, Primer, and Polyurethane Gloss Finish & Brush (optional).
  2. Sanding:
    The beginning step of painting will be to sand the surface of the furniture but before sanding, it is necessary to prepare the area for it. The user can place a tarp below the furniture so that all the mess stays on to it. Also, the user can tape down the areas on to the furniture which he doesn't want to paint. Once the painting area is set, the user can start sanding the surface and rough it enough so that the paint can adhere on to the surface correctly.
  3. Apply Primer:
    After sanding the furniture, apply an even coat of primer on to the kitchen table and chairs. It is necessary to prime the furniture before painting because it provides a bond between the paint and the furniture. For smaller projects, the user can apply spray paint primer on to the furniture so that every area gets covered. Before continuing, let the primer dry up completely.
  4. Paint The Furniture:
    After primer, the user can apply two coats of paint on to the furniture but he needs to let the first coat dry before applying the second coat. The user also needs to make sure the brush strokes are even and he needs to eliminate any drips that may occur during painting.
  5. Adding Gloss Finish (optional):
    The user can apply a polyurethane gloss finish on to his furniture after painting as it protects the furniture from chips and spills. A gloss finish also gives the furniture a finished look and it is recommended to apply polyurethane gloss finish with a polyurethane brush. After applying the gloss finish, any dirt, debris or dust present on the furniture can show through easily. This step is completely optional as the user can skip forward after applying paint on to his furniture.

How To Paint Kitchen Table And Chairs Without Sanding?

Sanding the furniture before painting is necessary because it roughens the surface of the furniture to which the paint can adhere easily. The user can also skip sanding by following the below-given steps:
  1. Apply Deglosser:
    The first step will be to apply a Deglosser on to the furniture with a paint brush. The deglosser roughens the surface without much effort.
  2. Wipe Out The Deglosser After 15 Minutes:
    After applying the Deglosser to the furniture, wait for 15 minutes so that it can penetrate the wood before wiping it off with a cloth.
  3. Apply Primer:
    After that, the user can apply an even coat of primer on to the furniture and let it dry completely.
  4. Paint The Furniture:
    The next step will be to paint the furniture with two coats of user preferred paint but the user needs to allow the first coat to dry up completely before applying the second coat of paint on to it.
  5. Let The Furniture Dry:
    After applying two coats of paint on to the furniture, the user needs to let the furniture air dry before putting it to use.
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