How To Paint A Foyer With High Ceilings: Two Easy Ways Of Painting A Foyer With High Ceilings

Two Easy Ways Of Painting A Foyer With High Ceilings

If you are looking to paint the two story walls in your foyer, you may be worried about the extreme height, or you don't have any idea how to tackle the project. In spite of the fact that painting a foyer having high walls is certainly more challenging in comparison to painting a typical room having eight foot walls, it is typically a lot easier than you think. The majority of the people think of using scaffolding and assume it is the only way to paint high walls, however, that is not the case, except if you are looking to repair drywall on the ceiling where a ladder can't reach. If you don't have any ceiling repairs to do, then there is no need to use scaffolding in order to get the painting done. Some of the ways about how to paint a foyer are mentioned-below:

Way 1: Using Extension Ladders

One of the best ways when it comes to painting your 2 Story Foyer with high ceilings without scaffolding is to use telescopic/extendable ladders, which you can easily lengthen individually on two sides. You simply need to place the shorter rugs on a higher step and the rugs that are longer needs to be placed three or four steps down. While painting your 2 story foyer using extension ladders, you will definitely need someone to hold the ladder at all times and you will also be needing a good head for heights. A very long ladder can be fully extended from the underside of the stairs to the top of the foyer, but again it is important and recommended to have a support buddy on hand. Consider hiring ladders or even better scaffolding for safety, instead of buying if they are only required for this one project.

Way 2: Using A Paint Roller & Extension Poles

Another safest way when it comes to painting the highest points of your foyer is to use a paint roller and extension poles. It is not the easiest way, due to the fact that your arms and neck will suffer for days afterwards, however, it’s definitely less risky in comparison to balancing on planks or ladders. You can use a small step ladder or platform on the upstairs landing, exactly the way you would to reach any ceiling, but you need to take care in order to keep it well away from the head of the stairs. Using extension poles can limit precision, particularly when it comes to achieving a neat line betwixt walls and ceiling. For cutting in, it is highly recommended to use a Paint Edger, such as try Shur-Line, which is a special pad that helps to create a sharp line at the top of walls without getting paint on the ceiling above. Look for a Paint Edger that is particularly designed for use with extension poles instead of the one with a fixed handle. You can also buy Corner Pads, which are triangular and will help get into any corners that a paint roller can’t reach.
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