How To Paint A Floor To Look Like Wood: Steps To Paint Concrete & Vinyl Floor

General Overview

Painting floor like wood gives a stunning and unique look as well as adds the value to the entire space by making it more stunning and unique. The best part of painting floor is that it hides all the signs of the wear and tear. The floor can be painted with the number of colors that suits them best. There are an ample number of the floor colors available around the corner that offers the beautiful natural wood color.

Steps To Paint The Concrete Floor Like Wood

Follow the mentioned steps below to paint the concrete floor like wood:
1.Cleaning: Clean the entire floor from the old paint, junk, and oils so that the new paint will adhere well to the surface. Please take into the account that all the cleaning stuff must be done prior to two days of painting.
2.Washing: Once the floor is cleaned from all dirt and debris pressure washing of the concrete floor is recommended.
3.Etching: The entire floor needs to be treated with the Etching using sprayer or water can. The etching must be applied to the entire floor in a circular direction with the help of the stiff bristle brush. The process needs to be continued until the formation of the foaming will be stopped.
4.Clean Water: Again wash the floor using the fresh and clean water properly.
5.Squeeze: Squeeze the entire floor and let it dry for two days.
6.Mark Lines: Mark lines over the floor similarly like wood and covers other areas with painters tape.
7.Paint: Paint the floor using the Valspar Porch and latex paint with the paintbrush or sponge roller.
8.Grain Marks: The grain marks can be created using the broom.
9.Remove Tape: Painters tape needs to be removed from the areas once all painting job is done.
10.Dry It: Allow the paint dry to for 24 hours.
11.Staining: Apply the stainer/sealer like Valspar Natural Look Protective Sealer over the entire floor and allow it to dry again for 24 hours.
12.Sweep: Once the stain dries sweep the floor again with the broom.

Easy Steps To Paint The Vinyl Flooring

The easy steps to paint the vinyl flooring are mentioned below:
1.Clean The Floor: For floor cleaning fill the bucket with the warm water and mix the general purpose cleaner into it and stir. Dip the sponge into the solution to clean the floor completely from all types of dirt and grime.
2.Repair Cracks: Check the floor for all types of the cracks and repair them by wood filler using a putty knife. Let the filler dry completely and follow up by sanding it using medium grit sandpaper.
3.Vacuum: Vacuum all the floor to remove sanding leftover.
4.Deglosser: Pour deglosser on a clean cloth and rub the entire floor with the same. Allow it to dry completely.
5.Blue Painters Tape: The floorboards need to be protected using the blue painter's tape.
6.Primer: The primer needs to be applied over the floor in thin coats and let it dry. Once the first coat of primer dries the application of the second coat is recommended.
7.Porch And Floor Paint: Pain the floor using both small and large paintbrush. Makesure, to read the instructions labeled on the paint properly before application of the paint.
8.Second Coat: After the first coat dries apply the second coat of the paint. Allow the complete drying time between the coats. Once the coat dries the painters need to be removed.
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