How To Paint A Door Without Removing It: Proper Procedure Of Painting

Proper Procedure Of Painting A Door Without Removing It From Hinges

Doors can be difficult to remove from their frames, so it is mostly easier to paint the door in their place. This way, you can paint from both sides without waiting for one side to dry. There are two kinds of doors, panel doors, and flat doors, that can be painted without removing from hinges. The procedure for both the doors are mentioned below:

Panel Doors

  1. General-purpose Cleaner: Fill a bucket with the clean warm water and then add a general-purpose cleaner to it. Take a sponge and dip it in the solution, clean the entire door surface, focus on the fingerprints that are near the edge, and also around the doorknob. Leave the door to dry completely.
  2. Tarp Or Newspapers: Under the door place a tarp or newspapers to protect the carpet area or the floor from the paint dips. Mask the doorknob as well as hinges with the help of a painter’s tape.
  3. Primer: After the above step is done then apply a coat of interior latex primer with a paintbrush. Leave the primer to dry completely.
  4. Paint: Open the can of a latex enamel paint and then stir it thoroughly, with the help of a paint stick. Put some of the paint in the paint cut bucket or tray. Start painting from one side of the door. Paint the inside of a top panel using an angled sash brush. Begin the job with the recessed areas, after that paint the main part of the door panel. Do the same process for the other top panel, also keep cleaning the excess paint from surrounding areas.
  5. Topmost Of The Rails: The horizontal sections which are topmost rails between the panels paint them. After that, paint the part of the way down to the stiles which are a vertical section in between the panels, work from top to the bottom. For the lower end perform painting in the same order, the middle panels, rails as well as stiles.
  6. Other Side Of The Door: Follow the same process for painting the other side of the door. It is advisable to carefully paint the edges of the door. Leave the paint to dry completely and then apply a second coat of enamel if required. Once the paint dries, then remove the tape.

Flat Doors

  1. For the preparation follow the same steps as for a panel door. Remove the doorknob as well as latch bolt if possible or mask them with the help of painter’s tape.
  2. Pour some of the latex enamel paint in a paint tray. Apply the paint with a paint roller, start from top to bottom. Paint all the edges of the door with the help of a small paintbrush.
  3. As soon as the paint is dry then reattach the door’s hardware .
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