How To Paint A Door With A Roller: Three Easy Steps Of Painting A Door With A Roller

Three Easy Steps & Items Required For Painting A Door With A Roller

Painting the door will make it look & appear beautiful and will also preserve it from future damage. The user will require some basic tools for this procedure and they can easily purchase the required tools at their nearby hardware store. The users can easily paint a door with a roller at home by gathering the below-mentioned materials and then following the below-described steps:

Materials Required

  • Drill Or Screwdriver, Tape, Rag & Primer
  • Auto Body Filler, Sandpaper, Paint & Rollers

Step I- Stripping The Door

  • Detach The Hinges: Start by detaching the metal hinges that hold up the door in the frame and to do so they need to open up the door wide so as to disclose the hinges. Then hit up the hammer till the pin of the hinge gets unfastened and the hinge will get detached easily. Then detach the door from the frame respectively.
  • Clean The Door Surface: Then clean up the dust and the debris particles within the surface of the door by using the mild cleaner as the paint won't adhere properly on the dirty surface.

Step II- Preparing The Door

  • Fill Up The Dented Area: Start by covering up the floor of the working area by using the drop cloth or the plastic tarp. Then the users need to fix up the dents over the door surface and to do so they need to sand down the door surface by using the fine-grit sandpaper and then apply the body filler to the dented area. Then allow the body filler to get dried off completely for almost half an hour and then sand it down by using the sandpaper.
  • Clean The Door Surface: Then sand down the entire surface of the door by using the sandpaper so as to let the primer and the paint to get adhered to the door surface. Then clean up all the sanding dust by using the wet cloth or they can also use the vacuum cleaner for the cleaning process.

Step III- Apply The Paint

  • Apply The Primer: Prime down the door surface with the oil-build primer and to do so the users need to use the small-sized roller so as to wrap up the door with the 2 primer layer and then give the primer coats to dry completely.
  • Apply The Paint: Then use the paint roller so as to apply the paint coat. The users are advised to use the semi-gloss paint and in order to apply the paint to the panels or the grooves, they need to use the small brush. Then allow the paint to get dried off completely before applying the second coat of the paint.
  • Re-attach The Door: Once the paint is dried off completely then the users need to re-attach the door to its frame by using the pre-saved hinges accordingly.
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