How To Paint A China Cabinet With Chalk Paint: 7 Easy Steps To Chalk Paint A China Cabinet

7 Easy Steps To Chalk Paint A China Cabinet

Chalk paint is the beat painting option to give your furniture including a china cabinet a fresh and modern look. In order to chalk paint a china cabinet, you need to go through all the below-mentioned steps carefully & achieve the desired result:

Step 1: Decide On The Number Of Coats

Before starting a chalk painting process, it is important that you know how many coats are required to perform on a china cabinet. If in case you want to give a distressed look to your china cabinet, then one coat of paint is enough. But if you want to give it a bright, new furniture look, that time you may need more than one coat. Usually, you may need two or three coats of chalk paint in order to fully cover wood furniture.

Step 2: Prep The Area

Some of the best chalk paint varieties are mostly non-toxic as well as odorless, which in turn, means that it is safe to be used indoors. So, if you like you can perform this job in any indoor area. However, you need to ensure to safeguard your floor by placing good quality drop cloth that will save your floor from getting damaged due to the splatters caused due to the painting process. If in case, some splatters do fall down on your floor, then don't worry, you can rub it off very easily using a wet cloth.

Step 3: Clean And Repair The Cabinet

Scrutinize your cabinet and if you find any scratch or dent, then you need to fix this issue as soon as possible. In order to fix cracks, dents, or gauges, you can take the help of the wood filler. Once you apply chalk paint, you will not be able to identify the location where you find crack or dent few minutes ago. Make sure that you cabinet is free of cow cobwebs, dust, or mold. Apply a small amount of dish soap on a wet cloth & then wipe down your cabinet with this cloth. Make it dry completely, before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 4: Tape The Edges

In order to create a clean line along the surfaces that are not painted, such as window panes & inside drawers, you can use painter's tape. The best way to paint the cabinet drawers is to take your drawers out from the cabinet and then paint them outside, which in turn, helps to make sure that all the parts of the drawer are painted including nooks and crannies.

Step 5: Paint And Let Dry Fully

Take a brush and start painting your china cabinet but make sure to be generous while applying the paint on to the brush. If in case you apply too much paint in one place, then at that time it can be very easy to spread it evenly to other areas of the cabinet. The best thing about the chalk paint is that it dries quickly & therefore you can wait for about an hour to apply the second coat after the first one fully dries.

Step 6: Distress The Cabinet (If Desired)

If you want your cabinet to look weathered, then you can use sandpaper and steel wool and start distressing it. Gently distress the cabinet & rapidly you will see the how sturdy these two tools are that helps in removing the paint. Once you notice that the cabinet is giving the weathered look now that you desire, then adjust the elbow grease accordingly.

Step 7: Apply A Protective Top Coat

Finally, you need to protect the newly painted cabinet with products like polyurethane, water-based polycrylic & similar such products. Apply the product according to your choice in order o product your china cabinet.
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