How To Organize A Bookshelf With A Lot Of Books: Three Easy Ways Of Organizing A Bookshelf

Three Easy Ways To Organize A Bookshelf With A Lot Of Books

It is not an easy task to decorate any bookshelf as the users require having a perfect concept and the amazing taste of the decorating items. The users need to have the perfect combination of art and science while organizing the bookshelves. While organizing the shelves the users need to think about the function and the looks of the bookshelves as well. Here are the three easy ways by which the users can easily organize the bookshelves with a lot of books:

Way I-Organizing The Books

  • Give Away The Unrequired Books: Start by giving away all their unrequired books as this is very easy to separate the books before organizing the entire book collection. The users need to discard the books that they are not going to read again and they can sell or give away those books to the thrift bookstores, libraries, or to the charity as well.
  • Examine The Size Limitations: Then the users need to examine the size limitations. It is advised that before making up any plan, make sure that they are aware of all the limitations. Some of the bookcases are having the shelves of the different spaces that may need to keep the paperbacks over the one shelf and the hardback over another shelf. The art books or textbooks need to be placed flat so as to make them fit perfectly. The users need to divide up their books so as to fit up these limitations and to treat up each pile as one the individual ones. The heavy and the large-sized books need to be placed over the lowest shelves as they won't look perfect as it is placed at the topmost shelves.
  • Place The Books In The Different Collection: Then they need to take off the books from their respective shelves and then position them within the fiction and into the nonfiction collection.
  • Sort Up The Fiction: The users need to sort up the fiction books by their author or the genre. They need to divide up the large and different fiction collection by their genre and then place them on one individual shelf. They can also sort up the fiction books alphabetically as per the last name of the author. If in case the users are having either 2 or 3 shelves then they are advised not to divide up the books.
  • Sort Up The Nonfiction: The users need to sort up the nonfiction books by their topics. The users might require one or three shelves in each of the category.

Way II- Alternate Organization Systems

  • Sort By The Size: If in case the users are having the books that range from the paperbacks to the oversized albums then they need to position the tall books at the low shelf and position the small and the minute sized books at the topmost shelves. By arranging the books in this pattern they will create a uniform and organized look.
  • Sort By Color: Arranging the books as per their color looks very appealing and is ideal to get used if the users are having only one bookcase. If the users are having a large collection of books then they can easily make any book difficult to get located. The users also need to split up their books from their series if they are not having the same color.
  • Sort By Rate Of Use: This is one of the great steps to organizing the books if the users often use their books for the research or for any other purpose. The users need to keep those books that they use daily at the shelf of their eye height and to the shelves beneath it where the users can easily reach them. The books that they use occasionally need to place it at the lowermost shelves and the books that the users never use they need to place them above their head shelves.

Way III-Arranging The Decorative Items

  • Create The Dark Background: The users need to create the dark backdrop and to do so they need to paint down the back of the shelf with the dark paint or with the dark-toned wallpaper.
  • Collect Up The Ornamented Items: The users then need to collect up the decorative items like the vases, figurines, and the trinkets. They can also collect up the few baskets, bowls to fill up the space of the bookcase.
  • Place The Large Items: They need to start by placing up the large items and the over-sized books. They need to place these things along with the bookcase by leaving up much space in between them so as to make the individual focal points. The users can also follow up on the zig-zag pattern while placing these things over the bookshelves.
  • Placing The Artwork: The bookshelves can be the ideal place to display any kind of art pieces like the paintings or the wall frames. The users can place them in front of the books or at the back of the shelf as it will completely depend upon the size of the painting. The large paintings need to be placed at the back and the small paintings in front of the bookshelves.
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