How To Organize A Bookshelf: Best Ways Of Organizing & Arranging A Bookshelf

Best Ways Of Organizing & Arranging A Bookshelf

Organizing and arranging a bookshelf can be an easy task, either for the librarian side or for an inner interior decorator. There are different methods of sorting books. The best ways for organizing as well as arranging a bookshelf are mentioned below:

Way 1: Organizing Books

  • Remove Unwanted Books: It is the easiest step to do before organizing the whole collection. Simply box away from the unwanted books that will be never read again.
  • Check For Size Restrictions: Some of the bookshelves have different spacing, which may require keeping the paperbacks on one shelf and the hardbacks on another. Textbooks or any other coffee table art books may need to be stacked flat so that they will fit. Divide the books to fit the restrictions. Large and heavy books must be shelved on sturdy shelves, usually on the lowest one. It is advisable to not shelve them above head height.
  • Divide The Fiction And Nonfiction: Take all the books off from the shelves and then arrange them into fiction and nonfiction piles.
  • Arrange The Fiction Author: Divide a large fiction collection by author, keep each one on the separate shelf or simply on the group of shelves. If the user only has two or three shelves of fiction or most of the fiction is in the same genre, then arrange them by the last name without dividing them.
  • Arrange Nonfiction By Topic: Arrange the nonfiction books in the separate stacks by the topics. Ideally, there must be 1 to 3 shelves in each category.

Way 2: Alternate Organization Systems

  • Sort By Size: If there are books that are ranging from the trade paperbacks to the oversize art albums. That time keep the tallest books on the lowest shelf and placing smaller books in the upward direction. This will help to create a tidy as well as an organized appearance. On some bookshelf, this is necessary to adapt to the height of each shelf.
  • Place Books Based On Color: This option looks great, but are used only if there is one bookcase. In the larger collections, they can make a book very difficult to find. In addition, the user needs to consider that they may have to split the books from a series in case they do not have the same color. One-color per shelf, a blue shelf, a green shelf, and so on. If having trouble filling a shelf, then wrap up some of the books in kraft paper.
  • Sort By Frequency Of Use: This is one of the great systems for the books that get frequently used. Keep the daily used ones on the shelf at the eye height. The books that are used occasionally go on the lowest shelves.
  • Reserve A Shelf For The Favorites: No matter which system the user will choose, the user has the option of leaving one as a special shelf. This shelf is usually the most visible one.
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