How To Open A Futon: Methods Of Opening Different Types Of Futon

A futon is a piece of furniture product that serves both as a sofa as well as a bed and that is the reason it is considered the best furniture item as it has dual-use. Because of the dual uses, the futon has a folding frame that allows it to lay down flat and can be used as a bed. This type of furniture product is best suitable for guest rooms in homes as well as in offices. It can serve as a seating place in your living room and also can be best for sleeping purpose, providing you know how to open it.

Methods Of Opening Different Types Of Futon

There are different types of futons, including Bifold, Trifold and Love seat futons. You can open all these types of futons depending on which type of futon you possess.

Open A Bifold Futon

This type of the futon pulls open right from the seat. To do that simply stand at the centered, facing the futon. Hold the bar, handle or the base directly beneath the seat. Some of the bifold futons will have a latch with the handle, so it is important to make sure that it is unlatched. Gripping it tightly, then pull it up slightly after that pull towards you while taking a step in the backward direction. Stop at the point when the bifold futon mattress is flatten.

Open A Trifold Futon

The trifold futon will usually have a hidden deck that is in the front of the futon. Simply lift up the seat of the trifold futon to unlock the hidden deck. Unfold the mattress and it is important to remember, that it sits like an accordion or is folded in three, so that it is ready to lay down on the lower part. Gently lift up the seat and then pull down the third deck. It may also have the legs which needs to be manually adjusted, that totally depends on the model. Some models have the legs that will fall out automatically. The backrest must be pushed down to lay down it flat. Some of the models have the rungs with a brace support which holds the backrest up, just like a deck chair. Carefully lift and then release the braces from the rungs and then lay flat. It is important that all three parts must be horizontal.

Open A Love Seat Futon

Just like the trifold futon, a love seat will also have a hidden third deck right under the main seat. The deck can be pulled out to become the bottom half of the bed. Gently lift up the seat of the love seat futon. The third deck is folded underneath. Pull out the deck and after that adjust the legs as required. Since the love seat futons often come with the 2 mattresses and the third deck is exactly where the smaller mattress fits. Carefully press down on the back of the love seat futon. The back must lay flat.
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