How To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs: Best And Easy Way To Move Furniture Alone

General Overview

Moving heavy objects from one place to another place can either be done alone or by calling the professionals. If everything is handled by the professional movers than no need to worry as they arrange everything with proper planning and have are also liaised with the right equipment to get the job done perfectly. However, when it needs to be done alone everything requires to be properly drafted and planned beforehand.

Steps To Move Heavy Furniture Down Stairs Alone

Here are easy steps to move heavy furniture downstairs alone;
Planning: To make a plan is a foremost thing that needs to be prepared beforehand. Making efficient access planning is also required.
Equipment Gathering: What equipment’s are required need to be gathered first these include Moving straps, furniture soldiers, and furniture dollies. These tools can be rented.
Make Heavy Furniture Light: Make heavy furniture piece light in weight as possible this can be done by eliminating the small removable pieces like legs, cushions, bed frames, etc.
Lifting: The proper lifting techniques are very necessary to follow. Some of the best lifting techniques include
  1. Bending on knees is recommended rather than on waist
  2. Try to carry items in a way that will be close to the body.
  3. Avoid body twisting while carrying the item

Up And Down Stairs: When it comes to moving the furniture from up and downstairs make sure to get the help of another person because of it, not something that can be done alone. One person should carry the furniture from the bottom and another from the top to make movement easy.
Unloading: To get this job done it is always better to get in touch with the moving company professional that will take the heavy furniture from one place to another.
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