How To Match Wall Color With Wood Floor: Best Ways To Match

Best Ways To Match Wall Color With Wood Floor

The wooden floor is added lots of the warmth and elegance to the entire space and matching the wall color with the wood floor adds more charm to it.
There are a number of ways through which the user can match the wall color with the wood floor and some of the ways are mentioned below:

Go Neutral

The easy method to ensure that the wood tones in the flooring, molding, furniture and other accessories match with the walls is to choose a neutral paint shade. Whether the wood has undertones like yellow, orange or even gray, they will coordinate well with simple neutral walls. The neutral shade on walls also means to introduce bolder accent shades in accessories like curtains, throw rugs, etc which gives the space more personality and beautiful look.

Choose Analogous Shade

In order to spice up the room without having a bold look, simply choose an analogous wall shade that has similar undertones to the wooden surfaces. In case the wood floor, molding or any furniture has golden, orange or reddish tones, then look for a warm-toned wall color that will complement with the tons of the furniture tones. Wood with golden tones looks beautiful when surrounded by butter yellow walls, and in case of the orange-toned woods, it is best complemented by rust or terracotta walls.

Go For Contrast

The other method is to choose the wall color that contrasts the furniture, for example, if the wooden flooring has orange undertones, then go for blue-gray color for the walls. Cool tones on the walls will best contrast with warm tones in the wood so that both surfaces will contrast.
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