How To Make Wood Look Distressed: Methods To Make Wood Furniture Look Distressed With Paint

Methods To Make Wood Furniture Look Distressed With Paint

There are a number of ways to make wood furniture look distressed and they are mentioned below:

General Wear And Tear

  1. Sand: Simply sand down the edges, go on the angled edges of the piece with the help of the sandpaper, use the high-grit sandpaper at the different pressures.
  2. Wooden Boards Distressing the wooden boards, the best way is to simply lay the wooden board on the ground and then cover it with the gravel on all the surfaces, then place a second board on the top and walk on the board, the weight of the body will help to create the gravel on the board, and will make the random marks.
  3. Wood Screws: Use a wooden screw to create warm small holes, simply drive small screws through the piece of slender scrap of wood, after that use the hammer to hit the wooden piece repeatedly on the surface.
  4. Chip: The other way is to chip the edges with the chisel, simply angle the flat tip of the chisel on the side of the wood and then carefully tap with the hammer.

Distressing With Paint

  1. Sanding: Sand the wooden surface lightly, before going for the distressing, sand in a circular motion, the sanding will help to open the pores better, so that the paint will adhere the surface better.
  2. Paint: Now paint the wooden piece with a light color, the light color will be more visible through the additional layer of the paint. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  3. Second Coat: Once the first coat is dried completely then go for the second coat that should be contrast to base coat.
  4. Distressing: While the paint is still wet, use the damp rag or scrubber but wring the excess water, then smudge the paint lightly, rub the area with the minimal effects.
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