How To Make Wood Filler With Sawdust: Steps To Make Stainable Wood Filler

Steps To Make Stainable Wood Filler With Sawdust

The wood filler is used to repair the small damages that may occur in wood furnishings. A putty knife is used to apply the wood filler on the damaged area of the furniture product and repair the grooves. The material required for making wood filler with sawdust includes brush, cardboard panel, and the quantity of sawdust, dowel, and wood glue. The steps are mentioned below to make wood filler with sawdust:
  1. Assess Task: The first step is to check the damaged area of the wood furniture on which wood filler is to be applied.
  2. Gather Sawdust: Now the next step is to collect the sawdust from the manual or electric tool while working on any project. For better results, sawdust of the same type of furniture can be used.
  3. Sift Sawdust: For making a successful wood filler it is important to filter the sawdust by placing it on the flat surface and removing large dust pieces from the sawdust.
  4. Add Glue: Take a disposable container and pour sawdust in it. Then add glue with the sawdust and combine the mixture.
  5. Mix: Take a dowel and completely combine the mixture until the components form a putty-like substance. If the formed substance looks wet then more sawdust can be added to it and if the substance looks dry add glue to it. When the wood filler is prepared apply it on the damaged area as soon as possible before it dries.
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