How To Make Willow Furniture: Easy Ways & Steps

Easy Ways & Steps To Make The Willow Furniture

Willow furniture is usually made from the willow branches that are one of the types of hardwoods. The willow wood usually lasts for up to more than 75 years and is light in weight than the rest of the hardwoods. The users can easily make the willow furniture by following the below-mentioned steps:

Collect The Required Materials

  1. Assemble The Willow Branches: Start by gathering all the willow branches but the users need to keep this thing in mind that if they trim the willow branches before their falling period then their willow branches won't be ductile enough to get transformed in making the furniture product.
  2. Use The Sharp Scissors: For making the frame of the furniture item the users need to trim the willow branches into the smaller pieces as required. The users need to cut the willow branches in the one trimming pattern in order to prevent them from cracking accordingly.
  3. Prepare The Sealing Material: If the users have an idea to create the furniture product that might contain gaps then they need to gather bundles of the small-sized willow twigs and trim them as per the requirement.
  4. Trim The Large Sized Willow Branches: Use the carpenters saw to cut the large-sized willow pieces that in later stage can be used in making the frame of the chair. In addition to this, the users need to use the sharp-edged knife to trim the edges of the willow pieces in order to prevent the ripping of the wood pieces.

Preparing The Chair

  1. Trim The Willow Logs: Cut the willow logs in the larger and the smaller size dimensions. The users require 4 pieces of the size 28 cm, 14 pieces of the size 21 cm and 3 pieces of the size 14 cm respectively.
  2. Arrange The Trimmed Wooden Pieces: Start by making the one half of the chair at one time so that it will be easier to adjoin the second half of the chair. The users need to lay the trimmed willow pieces on the flat ground aligned to each other so that the smaller sized pieces will combine them accordingly. The users then need to use the sharp-edged nails that are long so that the nails can easily go straight through the wooden pieces. Once the one half of the frame is completed then the users need to follow the same procedure in making the other side of the frame.
  3. Affix The Crosspieces: Attach the 21 cm sized wooden pieces to the backside of the frame so that the chair will be able to stand strong on the flat ground. In order to make the frame of the chair much stable, the users can also attach additional wooden pieces to the front and the rare side of the legs and nail down them accordingly.
  4. Attach The Seat Cushion: The users need to use the soft and comfortable seat cushion and bind the straps of the cushion to the corners of the chair
  5. Finish The Chair: In order to protect the chair from getting damaged in the outdoor spaces the users are advised to finish the chair with the linseed oil.
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