How To Make White Doors Look Rustic: Different & Ultimate Ways Of Making White Doors Look Rustic

Different & Ultimate Ways Of Making White Doors Look Rustic

An up to date door may appear a bit too modern for a room or home decorated out in rustic decor. Rather than looking through restored yards and classical dealers for an old beat-up door, renovate your existing door to make it look well worn, aged, and artistically appropriate for your living space. For exceptional results, start with a solid wood door, due to the reason that these doors are long-lasting as compared to hollow-core doors covered with a thin wood laminate. Some of the ultimate ways of making your white door look rustic are mentioned below:

Way 1: Simple Staining Solution

Staining is one of the best ways to perform on your white door in order to make it look weathered as well as rustic. Make sure to select a kind of color for staining process that will have a rustic finish, such as dark brown, a weathered gray or amalgam of both, made by layering stains. Before starting the staining process on your door, first you need to test on the same type of wood in order to get an idea about how the stain will work, particularly if you're layering. If in case the door is painted, then you need to paint a scrap board or cardboard, and then examine the stain over it to find out the appearance & look of the door. If the door is composed of solid wood, crash it up a little by hitting it with different parts of a claw hammerhead or a cloth bag filled with nuts and bolts, the stain makes the holes, as well as gouges, stand out even more. If the door comprises of windows, wrap them as well as the hardware with the help of painter's tape before staining. Scrape the stain over the door, then rub the majority of it off after a few minutes. If in case you're layering stains, wait a few hours for the first color to dry completely, in order to apply the second stain color.

Way 2: Faux Weathered Paint

Another way to paint your door is by applying layered, chipped & weathered paint colors in order to make your door look rustic, without bothering about the type of wood door is composed of. Make sure to paint the door according to the design of the surface, for example, if you have to paint the outside portion of the door, then you need to apply the exterior paint & if in case you are painting the inside portion of the door, then you need to apply the interior paint. For the doors composed of the metal or fiberglass, you may need to have a special preparation & for that, you have to take the advice of the manufacturer & get the information about the treatment of the door. After you have applied the first paint coat, allow it to dry wholly, then apply candle wax over it firmly, and then apply another paint coat in a different color. If desired, you can repeat the painting process for one or more times, until you are fully satisfied with the result. Now, start sanding some of the paint layers in those sections that have a lot of wear, such as near the door edge that opens as well as around the door handle.

Way 3: Help From Hardware

Another way to make your door look rustic is to take help from some of the hardware including large, faux strap hinges or a fleur de lis design, painted black. These hardware pieces may exactly look like hammered metal that could be several years old. Then you need to paint prevailing hinges black again or give them an oil-rubbed bronze paint finish, which is present as a spray-paint color. Affix a rustic latch or two, or hammer in some hand-build copper nails, evenly spaced, to add character.

Way 4: Glaze And Dry-Brushed Paint

The glaze is regarded as one of the best way for doors to make them look rustic as well as aged. Apply a colored glaze over a plain, painted, or secured door to add the intended color effect, like honey brown over a white or yellow door. A fine white or gray glaze over a dark-stained door makes its appearance like weathered wood, paint applied with a dry brush has the same effect, making the door appear as it was previously painted white and only a small bit of paint remains.
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