How To Make Tree Branch Furniture: 5 Easy Steps Of Building Furniture Out Of Tree Branches

5 Easy Steps Of Building The Furniture From Tree Branches

Tree branch furniture is a kind of furniture product that is usually crafted from tree limbs or branches. Crafting furniture from tree branches is an art, and can be done easily if the proper way is followed. If you want to build your own tree branch furniture and give your space an amazing look with this innovative kind of furniture, then follow the steps mentioned below carefully:
  1. Harvest The Wood: While choosing the tree species for making furniture from a tree branch, the user needs to remember that there is no limitation on species or variety. The user can choose a variety having the features that will meet the design. Look for burls, twists, snags as well as the bends that will give the branch a visual interest to the woodworking requirements. Diamond Willow, pine, birch, maple, elm, box elder, cedar and most species of pine tree work well in furniture designs. The limbs are the easiest to work with but immediately after cutting.
  2. Measure: Take a piece of commercial furniture that the user wants to build and then apply the same measurements to the project. Cut the branches to size with the help of a hand or table saw. Remove all the excess twigs, leaves as well as the branches with pruning shears. To remove splinters and rough spots use a hand sander with the 100-grit sandpaper.
  3. Select Tree Limbs: The user must select a branch that is firm as well as nicely formed. Avoid the limbs or branches that are decayed or have signs of rot. Choose the ones that are strong enough to support weight if they are selected for a chair or stool. The user can use decorative trim pieces of a lighter weight or thickness, but legs, as well as supportive limbs, should be sturdy and strong. Shape down the mortised tendon joints using a hatchet. After fitting down the joints, wrap all the joints with the help of leather strips that have been soaked in water.
  4. Cut Tree Branches: The best time to cut the branches is in the early spring at the time when the sap begins to rise in the wood. If the user wishes to peel off the limbs from the bark, then the bark is easiest to remove at this time. The bark has no impact on the structural integrity of the furniture.
  5. Soak Branches: Keep the branches in the water as this will help to keep them pliable until they are used to turn into furniture. The Boxelder and willow limbs are easy to braid as well as to manipulate when soaked for 24 to 48 hours after cutting. It is highly advisable do not overly stress the wood as this will help to avoid breaking when dry. The bent twigs can be secured with the help of screws, or can also be lashed together using leather.
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