How To Make Throw Pillows With Piping: Procedure

Procedure to Make Throw Pillows with Piping

The user can give his throw pillows an accent look by adding piping on to its seam for which he needs to follow the below-given procedure:
  1. Gather Supplies:
    Before starting the procedure, it is necessary to gather all the required supplies at a single place so that the work finishes in quick time. The supplies required for the process are One-yard fabric for bias strips & pillow fronts, half yard fabric for pillow backs, 4 yards of 1/2" cording, scissors, cutting mat & rotary cutter, water-soluble marker, sewing machine, thread, and a zipper foot.
  2. Cut Pillow Front & Back:
    First, the user needs to cut the pillow front that should be 1" greater in length as well as width. After that, the user needs to cut the pillow back that should be 1"greater in length and 5" greater in width. Once the back of the pillow is cut, the user needs to cut it afterward into two equal parts from the longer side.
  3. Finish The Back Edges:
    The next step will be to finish the edges of the back pillow by folding the edges that have been cut and follow that up with second fold before stitching the folded edges. The user needs to repeat this step on both pieces before setting them aside.
  4. Prepare Bias Strips:
    After that, the user needs to cut bias strips that should be 2" wide with length equal to the size of the pillow. The bias strips need to be cut from the leftover piece of fabric. The user needs to attach all the pieces of bias strips together in order to form an entire length of the base strip.
  5. Make Piping:
    Once the base strip is ready, the user needs to insert 1" cording on to it and fold down its both ends together. The user needs to stitch both ends of the bias strip together with right side facing out and cording inside. Also, the stitch should begin 2" after starting point and end 2" before endpoint.
  6. Attach Piping With Front Pillow:
    After that, the user needs to attach piping with a front pillow first by pinning down the seam of piping with the seam of the pillow on the inner side. If required, the user can make small cuts on the piping to make it sit properly on the pillow seam. Once done, the user needs to stitch entire piping with the seam making sure to slip the end of the piping inside the folded beginning.
  7. Attach Pillow Front & Back:
    The last step will be to stitch pillow front and back around the edges with right sides facing each other. Once completed, the user needs to turn the right side of the pillow out followed by slipping the pillow inside through the envelope opening.
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