How To Make Table Legs Sturdy: Steps To Make Strong Table Legs

What Are The Steps To Make Table Legs Sturdy/Strong?

It is important to make the table legs sturdy/strong so that the table can hold heavy objects. The steps to make sturdy table legs are as follows;
  1. Lumber Beams:
  2. The first step in the process is to buy four lumber beams from any lumber retailer store. It has been recommended by the experts to purchase hardwood lumber beams.
  3. Determine The Table Height:
  4. The next step will be to determine the height of the table and cut the lumber beams as the measured height. In case, the user wants to increase or decrease his table height, he needs to determine the table height measurement accordingly.
  5. Cut The Lumber Beams:
  6. After that, the user needs to cut the lumber beams with a circular saw according to the height of the table or as per the determined height. It has been recommended by the experts to wear protective mask and glasses during the step.
  7. Sand & Glue The Legs:
  8. The next step will be to sand the surface of the legs in order to make them smooth. After that, the user needs to place the tabletop upside down over the floor. Then, the user needs to put the glue on the top of each leg and attach these legs at four corners of the tabletop. The user can also secure the legs at a place over the tabletop corners by using L-brackets.
  9. Let The Glue Dry:
  10. The last step in the process will be to flip the table in an upright position and let the glue dry as per label instructions before placing heavy objects over the table.
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